This is a list in progress. I will have to revise when sober

  • Man who rode a unicycle on the Seattle to Portland bike classic 2009. I said "That's awesome!" and he said "You're very encouraging!". Over 200 miles....on a unicycle!
  • Man with parrot on his shoulder in a podunk bar in Podunk, WA. He informed me on the dangers of Teflon.
  • Man in barbershop quartet attire in a different Podunk bar, WA. He didn't sing. He just asked for the outfit for his birthday from his kids.
  • A deaf, mentally-ill man in Bellingham, WA that signed furiously to himself.
  • When I was young, I saw Pippi Longstocking buying candy in San Francisco.
  • A dapper old man ahead of me in line at a bakery in my hometown was buying an exact replica of his wedding cake for his 50th anniversary. It was the same place they'd bought their wedding cake from. I had to fight back tears.
  • A young guy outside a local bodega was walking with an open laptop playing music like it was a boombox.
  • A young man I had never seen before that was at a bar next to my apartment bought me radishes when I was pregnant simply because I was craving them.
  • A man that worked at a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta spoke zero Spanish.
  • On a train ride I met a veteran of the Iraq war on his way to San Diego. He planned to sail to Hawaii even though he'd never sailed before. He was quite open about his PTSD.
  • A young girl gave me a Crocodile Dundie chicken McNugget toy when I was in the ER at age 12.
  • A salty crabberman gave me a tour of his boat and told me where to drop my crabpots in Westport, WA.
  • I met the mayor/bartender of White Salmon, WA. Now THAT'S a small town.
  • A drag queen in Seattle said that I had it goin' on. Super flattering!
  • When I was pregnant, a sailor/rodeo clown (whose name I never learned) wanted to marry me and make me an honest woman. I had my choice of Alaska or Texas to live. Freak.
  • A homeless hippy ate toast that I had burnt on my porch while sharing stories of his friends that had purposefully overdosed upon hearing that Jerry Garcia died.
  • A delightful elderly woman with extra tan support hose was the only person to offer me help when I was in an ATV accident in March. "I just got this cell phone. I don't know how it works yet, but I thought it might help." I should buy her some hard candies.
  • A woman in her 90s with a crocheted vest totally rocked on her trumpet at a steakhouse. In between sets she worked the crowd and oozed star power even though she looked like an unassuming granny.
  • Roy, an elderly and seemingly alcoholic man discussed his love of Rembrandt and Sinatra in such a heartfelt way. I was deeply moved by his passion and excellent speech.
  • The guy that works at Fred Meyer. I love his trike, body armor and now complete with Christmas lights. He is like an art project.
  • The part Santa/ shipyardish looking man with Christmas lights actually in his beard. Dammit, that put me right in the holiday spirit in one fell swoop. For real.
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user picture Candra: loved this! a friend and i play this as a game.we call it people spotting! jun 16 2010
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