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I am an ENFP, procrastinator, and inventor of holidays. I wish I needed my own business cards. My daughter says that I'm a good fixer of things.

The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists. ~H. Allen Smith

The list is the origin of culture... ~Umberto Eco

EstroJen follows:
lisa events
Oh! to do (Morning to-do lists: February 2019.)
Mia books (clássicos)
niv tarefas (fevereiro)
honeybee names (fem.)
  • Battleaxe Evermore
  • Sarah Mouche Fandango
  • Pettifog Hat
  • Hellcat Stevens
  • Fleetwood Smack
  • Beast of Hurtin'
  • Moody Bruise
  • Doobie Smothers
  • Bambam O'Riley
  • Bang Your Gong
  • Ballroom Blitzkrieg
  • Carly Hymen
  • Tire Iron Butterfly
  • Bebe le Deranged
  • Ziggy Scarlust
  • Ruby Bruiseday
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