• perfect moonbow geometry
    • Backpacker Magazine, tire store waiting room
  • restoration of the missing fundamental
    • This is your Brain on Music, a conex box by drydock 4
  • sinister chemical wisdom
    • NPR show about parasites, along the south shore of the Hood Canal
  • performing the milquetoast oeuvre
    • The Stranger, Jackson and Lund Park while eating cheese crackers
  • somnolent sails waiting for a wind
    • Manifesto of Futurist Cuisine by Marinetti, aboard the M/V Kaleetan
  • reincarnated collection of corpses
    • random rambling of my sweetie, guitar serenade
  • strange inversion of reasoning
    • Dan Dennett's TED talk about evolution, post-vicious fight
  • double-bifurcated sploshing flange
    • George Martin speaking to John Lennon, killing time before the Seattle Rock Orchestra
  • Electrograph of the antipathy between two Vienna sausages
    • Emil Jacobsen, hiding from everyone in the bathroom for much needed 'me' time.
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