• TO MAKE: a gif of the first notebook, skbag with camp patches, David Crosby hat for dad
  • CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS: Musically Inspired VOL. 3, lap quilt


  • I don't know why I didn't add this, but I also don't remember when I made it. Here's this cute hat though!


  • This is what I meant by mostly; I never finished the cover until now, haha!
  • Maddie, Jenna, and I finished Notebook Vol. 2! (Mostly.) Onto the next one!
    A low-quality gif in video form can be found here.
  • This is a little comic thing I made based on my life compared to Maddie and Jenna's. It goes from right to left.
  • I've been loving oil pastels and Entergalactic lately! The lyrics are from "Somewhere to Fly" by Kid Cudi.
  • Remember the star pillow I crocheted last year? Well I didn't love it. So I crocheted over it with soft yarn and now I do! The original was a little scratchy had some little gaps in between the stitches that icked me out. Now it's significantly bigger, cuter, and so much better! I didn't follow a pattern or anything, I just freehanded it. You can find the original post here.


  • After an embarrassingly long period of time, I finally finished this drawing. They're friends. Look at them in the Recently Mowed Field of Friendship.
  • How punny!
  • This piece is very experimental for me; it plays around with color a lot, is in mediums I am unacquainted with, and is on an orthodox canvas. I'm not too sure how others will view it, but I love it a ton.
  • This Sunday, The Notebook Squad (Jenna, Maddie, and I) had a picnic. This illustration depicts the true events of that morning. See if you can decipher it.
  • I learned about Grammar B in my English Composition class on Friday, and many of the features reminded me of my own writing and was in turn very inspiring. This poem came to me during a shift at the book store I volunteer at and makes use of crots, among other things.
    A finalized type version can be found here


  • This one is hard to explain. I love abstract art!!!
  • Here's a cute, simple drawing that I am very proud of and love very much. It’s based on something that I am unsure if I should share here…


  • This is a pen drawing I did after a bike ride while visiting family in Nebraska.


  • A crochet cat bookmark I made as a gift for my friend’s graduation party. I made another one and left it in the free bookmark box at the book store I volunteer at.
  • Ink sketches of trees outside of my window and miscellaneous pictures. The lyrics are from “Sorry” by Alex G.
  • Pencil sketches from a day out at the park. I absolutely love the second one!


  • More anatomy studies, or something of the sort. But with clothes this time.
  • Another pen sketch of a girl with a gun. There is definitely a common theme here. I don’t even know how to draw guns properly, I just kinda draw vague shapes.
  • A self-portrait and some sketches of individual features. I did something similar around the same time last year.
  • I mentioned these a couple entries ago, but I decided to make a separate section for my skeletal studies because I'm obsessed with them. I definitely plan on doing more.
  • Pen sketches! Once again from most recent to least recent.
    This drawing started as a small doodle, which turned into another doodle. I think the version I'm happiest with is actually the one in the next picture.
    Don't worry, I will eventually go back and draw on this page. It's the back of the final drawing of this sketch. The paper this doodle is on is a separate piece that's been taped on.
  • Anatomy studies! Finally! This spiraled into the hand and, later, skeletal studies. Pictures are from most recent to least recent.
  • A month or so ago, Emily and I went to a pottery painting studio on my town’s square. There was a little sign near the piece I selected that had suggestions on turning it into a Mother’s Day gift that was more than just the pottery itself; I decided to make it into a candle. I did make a little mistake though: when buying candle wax at the store, I grabbed the cheapest bag, which was actually stearin. Now, I have no clue what that is, but it looks close enough to wax that I decided to just use it anyway. It looks pretty cool! It’s crystalline-looking and smells like wild berry. I hope my mom likes it!
    After it was fired and candle-ified.
    Before it was fired in the kiln.
  • Chalk art! I was big into chalk art during the summer of 2020, and I wanted to do it again. It’s time-consuming and hurts my finger when blending, but fun! I’ll definitely be making more this summer.


  • The first colored traditional art I’ve done in a long while. I really like it! Although I’m not quite sure if I’m enthused with the color… The lyrics are from the song “don’t think a lot” by Clara Joy.
    It looks better in person, I swear!
  • I had to make a comic for my Health class about a disease, and I put way too much effort into it. Yes, I am aware one talks like this, but, once again, it's a school assignment. While working on it I began characterizing the two girls, Mel and Maura. Maybe I'll make something else with them in it!
    A higher quality image can be found here.

After I got it back from my teacher, I turned it into a little booklet and attached it to The Notebook!

  • After two years, I finally finished my scrapbook! I love so many of the pages, and a lot of them have a bunch of little flaps and stuff, so I won’t be adding any pictures of them at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll make a flip through. I hope my next one gets even bigger and takes less time to complete!
    Edit from the future (August): A mini flip-through gif can be found here! (Thanks, GIFMaker.me!) It's not the full book, but I believe it's sufficient. At first it might be a little slow, but it will speed up once the page finishes loading :). The pages that are already featured on this list or its predecessor are not in the gif even though I love them lots.
  • Crosses my mom and I made from the palms she got on Palm Sunday :)


  • Tape sculpture that has a very deep meaning I can’t tell you because it’s secret.
  • These are some sketches I did referencing Pinterest pictures whose links are cleverly written next to each sketch. The lyrics on the top right of the page are from “Glass Eyes” by Radiohead, and the bottom left is from “Daydreaming.” I really love these!!


  • A remote and Nintendo Switch joycon-docking-contoller holder because I was tired of them taking up space on my dresser. I used this soap on a rope pattern as a guideline.
  • For my best friend Emily’s birthday I made her a little heart with a face, arms, and legs. I crammed it all in just before meeting her… Not the best idea, but the result is so adorable and she loves it, so I’d say thats a win.


  • I remember always seeing a little McDonald's Beanie Baby, Seamore, in my brother's car. I knew it meant a lot to him, so I asked my mom about it and she said he got it in a Happy Meal when they were on a trip when he was younger. Even though Christmas had long passed, I still needed to make him a gift; his birthday was on the 20th, too. Thus, I crocheted a seal for my brother! He absolutely loved it :) This is the pattern.
  • Maddie designed a patten for tiny cats and had me test it out for her. The first attempt (right) turned out… interesting, to say the least. The second attempt (left) came out much better.
  • Last February, Maddie, Jenna, and I started The Notebook, a shared sketchbook/scrapbook/well, notebook. Each day one of us took it home and worked on it, sharing what we did the next day at lunch or in art. It was super fun and the finished product is so cool! The only bad thing is how long it took us to finish. There's no excuse! Why the heck didn't we try and work on it more over the summer!? This time around, we are going to finish the new volume quicker. Anyways, even though all of these pages were made last year, I'm putting them in this year's art list because we finally finished The Notebook—and started a new volume—on the seventh.
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