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  • Kissed people
  • Drunk called people
  • Drunk text
  • Stripped inside the bathroom bcz my clothes were stuffy
  • Assisted my friend Cielo as she vomitted.
  • Vomitted w/o a single care who got projectiled.
  • Passed out at the halamanan. Regina said I made this huge ass potted plant my couch.
  • A 23-minute phone call
  • a couple of long distance phone calls to America
  • drunk text to my mother
  • credit card receipts
  • walking around The Palace and saying hi and making beso to friends I bump into
  • I lost my friend's phone
  • "walking around with a purpose"
  • have a drunken meal with this guy, go home to my booty call by cab, smoke weed with him, pass out
mar 26 2012 ∞
jun 26 2017 +