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  • Intelligent. Not necessarily a genius, but the ability to carry on a reasonably intelligent conversation is crucial.
  • Willing to indulge my craziness. If I want to do something wild or embarrassing or spur-of-the-moment silly, he needs to go along with it. Or at least humor me.
  • Laid back. Doesn't care as much about what we do as the fact that he's with me.
  • Spontaneous. Think Logan Huntzburger from Gilmore Girls.
  • Not overly clingy, but still wants to spend a fair amount of time with me.
  • A nerdfighter (whether he knows it or not).
  • Introduces me to new music, movies, and books. Broadens my view of the world.
  • Willing to do crazy, stereotypical romantic things, like laying out all night under the stars.
  • I can feel perfectly comfortable around him. I don't feel like I need to hold back any part of my personality.
  • Reasonably attractive. Not necessarily Gaspard Ulliel, but I can look at him without wincing.
  • A good sense of humor. Makes me laugh without trying.
  • Doesn't try to act more manly around his friends.
  • Willing to take the lint off of the lint screen for me.
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