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confident, likeable, thoughtful, selective, frank, adaptable, proud, loving, encouraging, happy, charming, sensitive, instinctive, witty, entertaining, punctual, agreeable, determined, mature, funny, reflective, analytical, efficient, ambitious, generous, alluring, entertaining, wise, abrupt, secretive, timid, worthless, envious, deceitful, manipulative, bored, careless, grouchy, forgetful...

FILM (teen club)
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  • Fight Club
  • Survivor
  • Invisible Monsters
  • Choke
  • Lullaby
  • Diary
  • Fugitives and Refugees
  • Stranger than Fiction
  • Haunted
  • Rant
  • Snuff
  • Pygmy
  • Tell All
jan 2 2011 ∞
may 23 2011 +
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Most of these are things my friends pointed out to me.


  • am easy to please
  • always point out advertising in movies
  • write my notes really small on my papers to save room
  • am bad at giving advice, but i'm a good listener
  • wash my hands a lot
  • have a small bladder
  • like previews more than the movie
  • am usually on time
  • love nerds
  • can't play any sort of racket sport (including ping pong)
  • go to church but im not religious
  • am always cold (I have 8 blankets on my bed, one is a heating blaket always turned up to high)
  • always use the shift key on the left side...
jan 12 2009 ∞
aug 11 2010 +
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  • Someone under my car and grabbing my ankles when I get in.
  • Someone hiding in the back of my car.
  • Stopping at a stop light and someone randomly walking up to my car.
  • Something weird happening in my car:
    • Windshield wipers turning on.
    • Music changing in middle of song.
    • Air conditioning turning on full blast.
  • Hitting an animal.
  • Car trouble and someone approaching my car.
  • A car following me.
  • Getting out of my car and walking up to the front door.
jul 13 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • When Megan peed across my street because she couldn't make it home
  • Tanning in my backyard with raven when the pretzels melted, we felt so stupid
  • Serenading Meg with Raven to All Time Low music, along with an interpretive dance
  • Just laying in the back of a friends car with G
  • Riding in Amy's convertible during the summer dancing to LFO
  • Staying up all night working on a project with Raven and going to Kinko's at midnight to get it printed
  • Playing the guitar while Amy sang over and over until we got it right
  • Laying with B in the tent listening to music
  • Racing down the hill with J
  • Boat-reading with Connor
  • Driving home with B in the storm
  • Sharing pant-peeing stories with Jill whi...
feb 22 2009 ∞
mar 25 2012 +
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  • Negotiating
  • Studying last minute
  • Tie a cherry stem with my tongue (I can do it in about 15 seconds)
    • Related: I can also unwrap a Starburst with my tongue.
  • Making mix CDs
  • Typing fast
  • Manipulating
apr 21 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Rap
  • Dane Cook
  • PDA
  • Teen Books (The A-List, The Clique)
  • Celebrity gossip magazines
  • Twilight
  • Pet names in a relationship
jul 3 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Extreme obesity
  • Marrying someone you don't love
  • How people can be okay with doing nothing in their life
  • Prenuptial agreements- A nice way of saying 'I love you, but I don't trust you'
apr 15 2009 ∞
jun 4 2014 +
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  • Any driver other than myself
  • Bad posture
  • Beauty pageants
  • Boys who wear too much jewelry
  • Dirty hair
  • Dog tags (the ones people wear)
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Fake nails that are too long
  • Feet falling asleep
  • Female body builders
  • Making small talk
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Milk
  • People who refer to themselves in the 3rd person
  • People who walk too slow
  • Reality shows
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Silverware that's too big
  • The Catcher in the Rye
dec 19 2008 ∞
sep 21 2015 +
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  • That's classic
  • Honey bunch/Jelly bean
  • In any way shape or form
  • Just kidding (When i'm wrong)
  • Wait...what (When I say something that doesn't make sense)
  • Basically
  • Story of my life
  • I lied (When I'm wrong)
  • Jokes
  • The
  • Sure bert
jan 19 2009 ∞
jun 4 2014 +
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  • Passionate movie scenes while a parent is in the room
  • Talking bad about something that relates to the person you're talking to
    • Ex- "I hate lawyers." "I am a lawyer."
  • Going somewhere and running into someone you know that works there
  • Gender confusion
  • Geing in an elevator with only one other person
mar 31 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Blouse
  • Chafe
  • Chunky
  • Cluster
  • Curdle
  • Dollop
  • Glands
  • Jacked
  • Jubilee
  • Larvae
  • Legit
  • Milk
  • Moist
  • Mount
  • Nipple
  • Odor
  • Passionate
  • Popular
  • Rural
  • Secretion
  • Slacks
jan 17 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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Things that I could do, but most likely won't.

  • Work out more
  • Read more books
  • Take up guitar again
  • List more
  • Become closer with my friends
  • Be nicer to my family
  • Show my appreciation more often
  • Be more outgoing
jan 2 2011 ∞
jan 2 2011 +
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  • Dialogue -
    • Me - I just want to look like a vixen.
    • Meg - When you said vixen, I pictured you with black hair in all leather
    • Me - Ew. That's gross. Don't do that.
    • Meg - Yeah, I probably shouldn't. Or at least not tell you when I do.
  • Mr. Liu - Donnely, I hope you get run over by my car.
  • Mr. Liu - Why are there so many tampons up there?!
  • Spencer - I was playing a video game and all of the sudden he licked my elbow!
  • Dialogue -
    • Raven - Who keeps leaving their trash on the table?!
    • Me - I have a good idea; let's hide it!
    • Donnely - Great idea Steinberg...Then, when they come looking for their trash, they'll won...
feb 15 2009 ∞
jan 11 2014 +
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  • $1 churros from Costco
  • A book I can't put down
  • A new notebook
  • A new tube of toothpaste
  • Airports
  • Baby pictures
  • Beating the system
  • Being a couch potato
  • Being behind a car with funny bumper stickers
  • Being in on a secret
  • Binder clips
  • Blankets
  • Bobby pins
  • Body pillows
  • Busy work
  • Butterflies in my stomach
  • Captain crunch
  • Capture the flag
  • Cashmere
  • Checking my phone and seeing a missed ale...
feb 2 2009 ∞
sep 21 2015 +
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  • Anything related to being kidnapped.
  • If I bite my tongue a piece of it will come off
  • My cat is a robot
  • I go to the bathroom with the lights on because i'm afraid of the picture in there
  • People watching me while I eat and thinking I eat weird
  • A swordfish in my uncle's lake.
  • People thinking i have a double chin when I yawn (I don't just cover my mouth, I cover my whole face)
  • My phone will fall down a sewer drain
  • My hand being swallowed by the garbage disposal
  • Fluorescent light breaking and falling on me
  • My bus will tip over
  • Getting hit by another car in the car wash
dec 21 2008 ∞
mar 25 2012 +
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  • I try on a lot of outfits before I go somewhere.
  • I giggle.
  • I analyze things a little too much.
  • I wear dresses a lot (but mostly because they're the closest thing to naked).
  • I've gotten my hair done.
  • I hate nature.
  • I like shopping for bras and underwear.
  • I like the color pink.
  • I don't like scary movies.
  • I played with dolls all of the time when I was younger.
jun 25 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Chocolate
  • Country
    • I wouldn't turn it on, but I wouldn't turn it off either.
  • Grape flavored things
  • Rock (White Stripes, The Strokes)
  • Anything non-fiction
  • Watching sports
jul 3 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • For this list idea
  • For putting up with my weird habits
  • For being okay with me not wanting to go out all the time
  • For accepting my neurotic ways
  • For not ignoring my boy problems
  • For knocking some sense into me
  • For understanding why I kept going back to him
  • For coming over and baking with me when he cheated on me
  • For loving my family
  • For supporting my diet coke addiction
  • For letting me change my mind
  • For braiding my hair
  • For knowing me so well
  • For liking my CDs
  • For driving me to Ann Arbor to have a picnic for my birthday
  • For covering for me
apr 20 2010 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • I have no part because I'm constantly running my fingers through my hair
  • Short (5'2")
  • Brown hair
  • Tiny, brown eyes
  • Scar on my forehead (your right)
    • Playing tag in the dark with my cousins
  • Two freckles right next to each other above my knee (I love those little guys)
  • Long scar on my left shin
    • 1st- Cut it while kneeling on a box and slipped. The skin got caught on the hinge (yeah, pretty graphic)
    • 2nd- Cut it while shaving
  • Scar on my left ring finger below the nail
    • Stepped on while ice skating
  • Birthmark right above my butt
may 21 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • The smell of airports
  • The feeling of the plane taking off
    • It's like a roller coaster
  • Flying through the clouds
  • Sky Mall magazine
  • Making fun of people with my Dad
  • When I was younger, I said the word "like" a lot, my dad gave me $20 and every time I said it, he would take away a dollar. I ended up with $18
  • Eating in the airports
  • Reading and listening to my iPod
  • Looking out the window, everything looks so small
  • Landing in a completely different place
apr 3 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Eat 5 blazin' wings from buffalo wild wings (I'm not a fan of hot food)
  • Go out of the country (6/24/09)
  • Skydiving (June/July 2011?)
  • See a spaceship launch
  • Crush a pop can on my head
  • Whistle with my fingers
  • Ride on a glass bottom boat
  • Learn to roll my tongue
  • Crowdsurf
  • Stand on the 'four corners'
  • Learn to juggle
  • Bartending school (Summer 2012 w/ Jill Kelly)
  • Master a card game
  • Swim with dolphins (Mexico 2013)
  • Hot air balloon
  • Donate blood
  • Solve a rubiks cube
  • Get a tattoo (smiley face on the bottom of my big toe)
  • Learn to ballroom dance
aug 19 2008 ∞
jun 4 2014 +
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I wear dresses so I am often left pocketless (reason I love dresses with pockets so much). So i take advantage of anything I can get.

  • Boobs
  • Cash
  • Cell Phone
  • Gum
  • Movie tickets
  • Checks
  • House key
  • Silverware (You never know when you might need a spoon)
  • iPod
  • Writing utensils
  • Room key
  • Candy
  • Pictures of myself that I didn't want others to see
  • ID card
  • Carnival tickets
jun 21 2009 ∞
mar 25 2012 +
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  • I burp and then laugh (I don't need to be excused).
  • I keep my nails short (for guitar) and they are hardly ever painted.
  • I like football.
  • I'm not much of a gossip.
  • Spiders don't bother me.
  • I have an immature sense of humor (Drawing genitalia in inappropriate places is funny to me).
  • I've never been on a diet.
  • I'll leave my house without make-up.
  • I don't really like shopping.
    • $30 dollar shirt? I could buy two books from borders for that.
    • I'm too lazy to try anything on.
  • I like my muscles.
  • I don't wear jewelry/accessories.
  • I don't think sweat is gross.
  • My old neighbor and I would play army out...
jun 25 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • It limited my creativity.
  • It caused me to accept things rather than question them.
  • It made me focus on one goal at a time.
  • It made me not consider consequences.
  • It caused me to only think about myself.
  • It made me materialistic.
  • It makes me strive for perfection.
  • It makes me care about physical appearance.
  • Since you can control people in the game, it made me believe I could control people in real life.
jun 25 2010 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Don't put hot popcorn in a ziploc bag, kernels melt holes in the bag and popcorn falls out
  • You can't change a guy, even if you try, once you're gone he goes back to what he used to be
  • Always wear an oven mitt
  • Sometimes things just aren't worth it
  • Music can put you in any mood
  • Being a good baker does not make you a good cook
  • You only have one life, make every day count
  • 'I can't' is a lot different than 'I don't want to'
  • America loves stories about babies (Add one if your story is a bomb)
  • You can't be friends with an ex right away
  • Don't wait around for a guy
  • Never trust a man with a pinkie ring
feb 2 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • I try to solve my problems on my own, which usually makes things worse.
  • I don't like to talk about my problems.
  • But sometimes I can talk about my problems too much.
  • When I'm stressed I'm no fun.
  • Can't give advice.
  • Get tired easily.
  • Shy around people I don't know well.
  • I don't like to share.
  • I get distracted easily so sometimes I don't listen.
  • Sometimes I put love before my friends.
  • I have a hierarchy of friends.
  • I am very controlling.
  • I'm very opinionated.
  • My mood changes easily.
  • I can ditch. On accident.
  • I'll eat your food.
mar 30 2009 ∞
mar 25 2012 +
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  • Smokers
  • Large tattoos
  • Earrings
    • all the guys I know with earrings are into themselves
  • Goes tanning regularly (a couple times is okay)
  • Extremely conservative
  • Does excessive amounts of drugs
  • Friends with more girls than guys
    • Then I start questioning-
      • Your sexuality
      • If you're staying loyal
  • Uses bad grammar
  • My parents dislike him
    • They don't decide who I date, but I value their opinion
apr 3 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Buy a minivan
  • Give my kid a complicated name
    • Unpronouncable or spelled weird
  • Wear mom pants
  • Let myself get a front butt
  • Physically punish my kids
  • Allow my kids to get bad grades
may 11 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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My out of control mind at work

  • China is making Americans addicted to caffeine and then they'll suddenly make it all disappear, then everyone will fall asleep and they'll take over
  • Fishing? Seriously? That hobby does not make any sense to me.
  • Why is it such a big deal to eat a garnish? Sometimes it tastes good.
  • If I was ever going to put a flag in my front yard it would be a flag representing me
    • Why do people put a large flag pole in their front yard? Can't they just have a smaller one?
  • I want to spend a whole day using proverbs (Don't put all your eggs in one basket). Even if they don't make sense in the context I use them.
  • Can a bicyclist get a speeding ticket in ...
apr 28 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Why did Jesus have to die for our sins? Why couldn't God just have been like "You're forgiven"?
  • Why don't miracles happen now as often as they did back in the old days?
  • If God sends non believers to Hell, what about the people that have never heard about Christianity and are happily worshiping their African Gods?
  • Why did Jesus need a mother? Why didn't God make him like Adam and Eve?
  • If Adam and Eve were the first two people, how did people get on different continents? Swim?
  • Why was the forbidden fruit on the tree of knowledge? Does that mean God doesn't want us to be intelligent?
apr 6 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • I would only wear dresses for weeks after i saw the sound of music
  • I cut my own hair behind a bookshelf
  • The guy i liked threw a lego at me
  • Climbed to the top of the rope in gym and won an award
  • I wanted to change my name to amy, I had this fantasy that I would go back to my first grade teacher and she would say 'Caitlin is that you?' and I would go 'yeah, but my name's Amy now.' I thought I was hot shit
  • I let this kid kevin win in chess because i felt bad for him
  • If there was a tornado warning i would pack up all my stuff in a suitcase and sleep in the basement
  • I spent almost every day at my neighbors
  • My parents let me sit by a live tiger in home depot
  • I would run up to my parents and bite the...
jan 28 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
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  • Phone- Wilhelm Rontgen
    • R.I.P
  • New iPhone- Little Foot
  • Graphing calculator- Marco
  • Silver iPod- Rick Astley
  • Future Car- Ebony
    • Moby stole it and wanted to name her car Ivory so it's not funny anymore
    • Okeechobee
may 10 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
list icon
  • Statistics
  • My cat is a robot
  • Everyone should respect other cultures
  • It's okay to regret things
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • You must fail in order to succeed
  • Intuition
  • The week starts on a sunday
  • 'O's are hugs, 'X's are kisses
  • Everyone should have standards
  • In silence
  • In dating when you're younger
jan 2 2009 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
may 9 2009 ∞
jan 11 2014 +