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It makes me sad that it's over.

  • MuggleCast. It was basically the best hour of my week and always kept me entertained.
  • surfing the MuggleNet forums during my free period
  • wrocking out
  • anxiously counting down the days until the release of the seventh book
  • "Draco Malfoy, what's your problem?"
  • fangirling BNFs like Emerson and Jamie
  • "HorCREE!" Oh John Noe.
  • overanalyzing EVERYTHING and theorizing
  • "Bye, bye, bye, don't let it be July!"
  • crackpot theories
  • wearing my Harry Potter vest and tie and waving my super sweet wand from Alivan's running around the house shouting "EXPELLIARMUS!"
  • rereading the books over and over
dec 14 2008 ∞
dec 14 2008 +
user picture jen: Sounds like you and I had a similar HP experience. I heard a lot of crackpot theories in my time but oddly no-one ever suggested that Dumbledore was gay! That's the most crackpot idea of them all in my opinion! dec 15 2008
user picture Jenna: Hello, I saw this list and had to let you know that I miss it just as much. :) Rereading the books over and over never has to end, and neither does dressing up and having spell fights! I remember turning 11 and being so upset that my letter didn't come. :\ dec 19 2008