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  • the Bible Belt
  • the fact that the Republican party has basically become the Christian party and they want to force their conservative beliefs on everyone
  • state bans on gay marriage
  • urban sprawl
  • Southern accents
  • the general ignorance of the American public
  • George W. Bush and his complete and utter idiocy
  • big media
  • the Patriot Act and invasion of privacy in general
  • everyone thinks California is the best place on earth, when in reality it's crowded and people are sort of rude
  • the fact that people think Sarah Palin would make a good president
  • the Twilight phenomenon
  • the power of big corporations
nov 10 2008 ∞
nov 10 2008 +
user picture Bliss: So, I saw a 6 foot wide "Sarah Palin 2012" sign in someones yard the other day. I will literally kill myself if that sign came true. nov 12 2008
user picture Elise: WHYYYY?! The stupidity of people truly astounds me sometimes.
user picture Amber: I agree with basically all of those. Except... I have a Southern accent. Not a huge twangy one but I think non-Texans would find it noticeable. It's hard not to when your parents have big accents and you've lived in the Houston area your whole life. (But not everyone in this area has one.. probably a product of American TV's neutral accent.) jul 8 2009