for april: spring is being born again / born again and again / bring me newness, bring me growth / bring me love so sweet it makes me shake


  • april 1: write-in/share with dana
  • april 6: bella, 8:00
  • april 7: emma's bday!
  • april 11: katarina's bday!
  • april 13: bella, 8:00 / kristen, 1:30
  • april 17: bella, 8:00
  • april 20: bella, 8:00
  • april 23: nick's bday! / zoom meeting, 11:00
  • april 24: bella, 8:00
  • april 27: bella, 8:00 / kristen, 1:30
  • april 29: work meeting, 1:00


  • adam parrish & ronan lynch, again
    • there's just somethin about that angry shark boy and his sweet, angry, tender boyfriend
  • spencer reid & derek morgan
    • i've not even finished an entire season of criminal minds and i already love their relationship. brothers


  • finish tcc
    • write 30k words (26/30k)
  • try writing a screenplay?

best moments of the month

  • facetiming with zach for the very first time and seeing the hearts in his eyes every time he looks at me; knowing that zach wants us to be together and knowing he's just as scared as i am; realizing how much my dad loves me; baking bread for the first time and understanding the connection between bread & holiness; talking through things with drew and understanding the need to set my own boundaries and state my needs and understand that it won't ruin relationships that are meant to last; watching lotr with my parents for the first time; going for walks in the sunshine – it's finally spring! how is it nearly may already?; dancing and laughing with ali, drew, and melissa in the dave & buster's parking lot
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