films i did watch


  • 01/05 • the witches of eastwick (1987)
  • 01/16 • encanto (2021)

films i did not watch


  • 01/05 • misery (1990)
  • 01/15 • vertigo (1958)

what is it?

  • the bechdel-wallace test was formulated by liz wallace & illustrator alison bechdel in the comic "dykes to watch out for" (1985).
    • the concept was inspired by virginia woolf's 1929 essay, "a room of one's own".
  • the test is a tool used to screen films for female representation using the following three (3) metrics:
    • a film features at least two (2) female characters who
    • talk to each other about
    • something besides a man.
  • the 2022 film challenge will entail intentionally viewing only films which pass the bechdel-wallace test.


  • each film i watch in 2022 will be subject to the requirements to pass the bechdel-wallace test.
    • in its conception, i considered extending the challenge to all types of media: this remains a future possibility.
  • the prescreening process will include cross-referencing the database made available at
    • preliminary googling will be completed for any omissions in the database's existing entries.
  • i have determined provisions for exemption, and will thusly allow myself one (1) "failing" film per month. this monthly allocation is subject to further consideration as the year progresses, and may be in-/decreased based upon practicality.
    • in a sustained effort to engage solely with media of diverse representation, special interest for monthly exemptions will be given to films that lift other marginalized voices and creators.
jan 6 2022 ∞
jan 16 2022 +