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A I must attempt at peace when all things are inevitably uncontrollable.

  • light a scented candle
  • wear dreamy lingerie and undergarments
  • swim a few laps in a pool
  • take a walk around a park, neighborhood, garden
  • plug in some earbuds and dance in your underwear
  • warm up some tea and arrange a clean, private space

B I need to feel that I'm always learning.

  • keep learning french
  • pick up italian again
  • start studying japanese when you can
  • refine and polish your spanish

C I want to fully identify with my outward image.

  • let your hair grow long, long, long; attempting brunette locks
  • cherry on upper right back
  • hydrangea on upper left thigh
  • septum or bridge piercing

D I've been aching to express myself through music.

  • guitar, piano lessons to sing ill feelings away
  • pastel blue/purple penny longboard
  • mess around in garageband
  • equipment needed: recording mic, amp, closed-back headphones

E I need my technology to not get dirty or cracked.

  • stickers for my laptop
  • case for laptop, kindle, phone, 3DS
  • keyboard for the PC

F I don't want to be pressured to be any kind of man or woman.

  • Comfortable, fitted apparel.
  • Colors to reflect my mood and practical sensibility.
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