• gender studies
  • religion
  • french culture
  • poetry
  • chinese
  • social justice
  • social psychology
    • persuasion
    • influence
    • sedution
  • us government
  • european history
  • poetry
  • art journalism
  • investigative journalism
  • fashion design
  • fashion editorial
  • music
  • food
  • personality tests
jan 27 2016 ∞
nov 7 2020 +

468 – The Truth Teller Archetype

These 2 tritypes come across as very different because the 8 in the 486 makes the 6 counter phobic and therefore comes across as more aggressive. The 469 comes across as more passive aggressive. The 468 reacts and rings the alarm to prevent makind a mistake to calm down and the 469 doubts and procrastinates to avoid making a mistake.... To calm down.

  • most reactive-468, 864, 648

The 468 is constantly calling off truth as they see it and sees it as their business to warn people of the potential downfalls and pitfalls in the emotional and mental world. It's the type in each center that is "truth telling" and tends to be the most reactive, even hyperreactive. She said it's typically sx subtype, but she's seen social too. There's a tendency to feel an acute sense of disappointment beca...

nov 28 2018 ∞
jan 14 2019 +
  • “I’m getting closer and closer to my goals every day. God has my back and it’s awesome.”
  • You must tune your signal to a vibration worthy of receiving it (read: stay positive and thankful).
  • By spending 10-15 minutes a day (at least) doing something that makes you feel good, anything from watching a YouTube video or meditating, you’re ensuring your vibration stays high.
  • Remember, a crappy mood means you’re going to be rewarded with crap. Staying positive is the easiest way to be certain good things are coming.
  • “I’m frustrated again. I’m resisting again. I get it. All I have to do now is breath, relax, and let it come."
  • Everything you want will happen. but it will happen at the right time and for the right reasons. So if something isn’t ha...
oct 30 2019 ∞
sep 15 2020 +
  • gone girl
  • the social network
  • fight club
  • seven
  • zodiac
  • girl with the dragon tattoo
  • the curious case of benjamin button
sep 23 2019 ∞
sep 23 2019 +

it doesn't have to be toxic, as long as you don't let it

  • helped me get a free brilliant bicycle from england (if i got 100 people to sign up for their mailing list)
  • won the sarah dessen book giveaway by posting on their forum
  • sold a lot of my clothes on facebook in high school and mercari in college
  • found out i had a lot of similar interests to people (music, books, movies) after seeing what they liked and shared on social media, leading to new and stronger friendships
  • was able to write a lot of the feelings that i couldn't convey out loud through public speaking to people and to clubs when i transferred schools
  • able to keep in touch with friends and family from different countries
  • gave me writing, style, and lifestyle ins...
dec 1 2015 ∞
mar 24 2021 +
  • affordable work clothes
  • life hacks
  • interview tips
  • self love tips
  • friendship/dating
  • motivation
  • subscriptions
  • thrifting tips
  • decluttering tips
  • etiquette
jan 18 2019 ∞
jan 18 2019 +

A proper sleep schedule is made through a number of keystone habits which I will try to write down here:

A bedtime and wakeup routine to inform your body when you are heading to bed and when you are waking up (shower, brush teeth, put on pajamas/clothes, making the bed, etc).

A sleep schedule which allows for your circadian rythims to work at their best (circadian rythims work in 90 minute intervals, so it is often best to aim for 7 and a half hours, or 9 hours of sleep).

About a half an hour to an hour of doing nothing before you sleep to provide ample time to fall asleep (I highly recommend meditation).

Daily exercise to make sure you are tired (this includes mental exercise).

A healthy diet, and not eating much just before you go to bed (A small snack like an apple is one thing, a couple brownies ...

dec 25 2018 ∞
jan 14 2019 +

See that's the thing. You don't get to be that lazy anymore. That's the problem.

For example, I can no longer answer my phone unless I have no distractions and have pen and paper in hand. It's a hard rule. Because any phone call I take is going to have someone asking me to write SOMETHING down. If I don't have pen and paper to write down THAT SECOND, I forget (like you). So, I don't get to do that.

I guess what I'm saying is I know me now. I no longer get to pretend "Oh, I'm normal like everyone else, so I'll write that down when I get to it. Other people can, so I can too." No. Not me. I will always forget, sometimes 5 seconds later. Instead of trying to change my brain (after 3 decades, it ain't changing) I change my LIFESTYLE.

I am an adult with a job. I don't get the luxury of "forgetting" or I get fired and lose my house. I do these things becaus...

dec 23 2018 ∞
dec 23 2018 +


  • less insecure
  • less emotional
  • less dramatic
  • less confrontational and more calm and direct
  • less likely to act on impulse
  • less into doing things for the sake of feelings
dec 12 2018 ∞
apr 15 2020 +
  • strategic
    • This perspective allows you to see patterns where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, you play out alternative scenarios, always asking, "What if this happened? Okay, well what if this happened?" This recurring question helps you see around the next corner. There you can evaluate accurately the potential obstacles.
  • empathy
    • You can sense the emotions of those around you. You can feel what they are feeling as though their feelings are your own. Intuitively, you are able to see the world through their eyes and share their perspective.
  • input
jun 21 2018 ∞
jun 21 2018 +
  • relatable
    • use examples and stories to get people to relate to you
  • understandable
    • clear words and phrases, don't need big words
  • confidence
    • believe in what you say
  • executable
  • manageable
oct 20 2017 ∞
oct 20 2017 +
  • My boss yells at me all the time.
    • reframe: It's great he cares enough to tell you how he feels. He could have just fired you.
  • I had to pay $4,000 more in income tax this year than last year.
    • reframe: That's great. You must have made a lot more money this year than last year.
  • We have little or no extra money to buy Christmas presents this year.
    • reframe: Great! Then you can become much more ingenious and make something people will never forget instead of buying run-of-the-mill gifts. Your gifts will be personal.
  • Every time I begin to succeed in a big way, I sabotage my success.
jul 9 2016 ∞
jul 9 2016 +
  • Baths
  • The Weeknd
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Coeur de Pirate
  • Tyrone Wells
  • LA Phil
  • Pacific Symphony Orchestra
  • HAIM
  • Lorde
  • Margo Rey
  • Taylor Swift/HAIM
  • James Bay
  • Extravaganza 2015
    • Aluna George
  • Chairlift
  • Coachella 2016
    • Ice Cube/NWA
    • Disclosure
    • A$AP Rocky
dec 15 2015 ∞
jul 2 2020 +
  • reserve your closet space for items that you love 100%
    • Aim to curate a wardrobe full of garments that you love, that inspire you and that make you feel excited about getting dressed each morning. Every single thing in your wardrobe should express your personal style perfectly, so set your standards high: Good enough’s and ‘ok’s should not make the cut.
  • develop a strong personal style and perfect your signature look
    • If you want every single thing in your wardrobe to reflect your personal style, you first need to carve out the exact parameters of your style. So: spend time honing your visual taste buds and create a defined style concept with a clear story line.
nov 16 2015 ∞
nov 16 2015 +

the word bored should never be in your vocabulary.

  • read books
  • catch up on shows
  • organize bookshelf
  • fold clothes
  • reach out to an old friend
  • write in journal/blog
  • listen to NPR
  • try craft ideas from pinterest
jan 3 2015 ∞
jan 3 2015 +
  • “I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.”


  • "This, this is about my own some-day daughter. When you approach me, already stung-stayed with insecurity, begging, 'Mom, will I be pretty? Will I be pretty?' I will wipe that question from your mouth like cheap lipstick and answer, 'No! The word pretty is unworthy of everything you will be, and no child of mine will be contained in five letters.' " - Katie Makkai


  • “‎Close your eyes & imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.”
nov 23 2012 ∞
nov 16 2015 +
  • dress like the person you want to be
  • every great man is an actor of his ideal
    • it's a pretense, practice-- it's not pretending
  • figure out who you want to be
  • response to improved wardrobe
    • respect for audience
apr 18 2022 ∞
apr 18 2022 +
  • MBTI infp-t/infj-t
  • enneagram 4 wing 3
  • triad type 468
  • alignment chaotic good
  • chinese zodiac wood pig
  • astrology capricorn sun, scorpio moon, leo rising
  • strength finders strategic, individualization, intellection, empathy
  • hogwarts house ravenclaw
jul 8 2020 ∞
oct 18 2023 +
  • packaging ideas into books and websites, make ideas pretty
  • book ideas
  • Go out and do things that excite you
  • first job at the age of 35
  • short bio- longer bio- https://kk.org/biography
  • Exactly. Explore the possibilities, and there are so many possibilities, and there's more every day. You don't want- it's called "premature optimization". You really want to use this time to continue to do things. And by the way, premature optimization is a problem of success, too. It's not just the problem of the young, it's the problem of the successful more than even of the young. But we'll get to that. That's a long answer, too. (laughs)
  • "i write in order to think. i don't actually know what i think until I write it. it helps me think"
  • ideas that i can't kill, ideas that don't...
aug 3 2020 ∞
aug 22 2020 +
  • cool beauty/lifestyle journalist with trendy, insightful analysis and angles that spark dialogue and controversy
  • humanitarian who dresses well and does a lot of events for less fortunate and hosts events
  • no nonsense hard news reporter with an impeccable wardrobe and hair
  • whimsical and cute novelist for young adult and children's books
mar 24 2021 ∞
mar 24 2021 +
dec 11 2020 ∞
feb 2 2021 +
  • Saying “Sorry” a lot
  • There are times for these words, but they are not as frequent as you might think. Use “Sorry” only if you actually feel it; not as defensive mechanism.
  • Self-deprecating Humor - A little sarcasm can go a long way, but a constant, self-deprecating, sense of self is very hurtful to ones confidence over time.
  • Lack of Opinion/Lack of Defending Opinion - A lack of a strong opinion is often a sign that the person thinks they are wrong. That their ideas are faulty, not good enough or just bad.

Problem Oriented thinking

  • When you ask a person “How are you, really?” and they only think about the problems in their life and complain about them all, you are dealing with someone that has rather low self-esteem. At least, if...
apr 14 2019 ∞
jun 2 2020 +
  • don't have time to hate the people who hate me, cause i'm too busy lovin the people who love me!!
  • Positive vibes lead to productivity
  • just b happy, they hate that
  • self love is your best defense against a man who doesn't care about your soul
  • don't let jaded people talk you out of your dreams
  • When you seek retribution instead of true justice, you're not only digging their grave but also your own.
  • How can people go even 3 months of their lives with nothing new, exciting, or inspiring to tell about? Work for the weekend? Fuckthatlife.
  • Surround yourself with friends whose values and actions inspire you.
  • Such humble beginnings to such incredible heights
  • Plunge yourself into the darkness to be a...
nov 1 2016 ∞
nov 1 2016 +
  • art of seduction
  • 48 laws of power
  • the SC's bible
  • how to talk to anyone
  • how to win friends and influence people
  • unlimited power
  • fascinate: 7 triggers
  • mastery
  • the art of seduction
  • why men love bitches
  • how to talk to anyone
  • how to make anybody fall in love with you

to read

  • make your bed
  • never split the difference
  • made to stick
  • the psychology of persuasion
  • range
nov 13 2018 ∞
mar 24 2021 +
  • all fascinations are on a spectrum
    • avoidance
    • disinterest
    • neutrality
    • mild affinity- if a commerical piques your interest you'll watch, otherwise, eh.
    • interest- it entertains
    • engagement- you actively enjoy
    • immersion- you go out of your way
    • preoccupation
    • obsession
    • compulsion
  • the david scott example- you have to be the one and only. david meerman scott. erika vichi lee.

the f score

  • intellecutal, emotional, and physical response.
  • we don't try to watch high scorers, we ca...
dec 19 2017 ∞
dec 23 2018 +
  • when to keep silent vs. when to speak up
    • everyone loves to defend their pride/defend their pride
  • high profile egos- critical comments are like boomerangs
  • spirit of encouragement- the REASON behind the way you're helping someone
  • resist bad-mouthing
  • ask WHY you're doing something instead of HOW
  • you never know when your greatest competitor could be your greatest collaborator
  • make your messages meaningful by removing your agenda
  • hold your tongue and HUMILITY/wisdom
  • what message does flattery send? not always good.
  • gaining influence--- setting yourself apart.
nov 21 2017 ∞
nov 27 2018 +
  • becoming
  • sweet bitter
  • make your bed
  • how to murder your life
  • the power of habit
  • wait and see
  • z: a novel of zelda fitzgerald
  • prozac nation
  • fascinate
  • the laws of human nature
  • how to have a good day
  • itachi's story
    • pt 1
    • pt 2
  • the politics of promotion
  • the well spoken woman- guide to looking and sounding your best
  • wait and see
jan 29 2019 ∞
may 16 2019 +
  • I will not be a woman who
    • is bitter
    • is resentful
    • is defeated
    • is hardened
    • is controlled by emotion
    • barely made it

I will be a woman who

    • grew wiser
    • was refined in the flames
    • persevered with joy
    • still loves
    • still forgives
    • made the most of every opportunity.

positive words

    • truth
aug 4 2016 ∞
jan 17 2019 +

the ultimate success formula

  • know your outcome- precisely define what you want
  • take action
  • develop sensory acuity to recognize the kinds of responses you're getting. are they getting you closer to your outcome, or away from it?
  • develop flexibility to change your approach if you're not getting closer to your outcome

seven character traits to success

  • passion
  • belief
    • every adversity contains the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.
    • no such things as failure only results. replace failure with outcome.
    • know what is essential and what is not
jul 9 2016 ∞
jan 21 2019 +
  • almost famous
  • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • 500 days of summer
  • her
  • breakfast at tiffany's
  • legally blonde
  • an education
  • the sandlot
  • perks of being a wallflower
  • grand budapest hotel
  • inception
  • an education
  • parasite
  • lady bird
  • gone girl
  • black swan
  • social network
  • the handmaiden
may 24 2016 ∞
jan 4 2020 +
  • "We all die. the goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." - Chuck palahniuk
  • You are wrong if you think joy emanates only or principally from human relationships. god has placed it all around us. it is in everything and anything we might experience. we just have to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living." - chris mccandless
  • “Before even thinking about starting your own business you have to first commit to becoming the person you were born to be. Not the person you think you should be, the person your parents want you to be, or the person your friends expect you to be. In order to evolve into your true self and create a life you truly love, you have to embrace the inevitable fear and doubt and follow your heart no matter what...
sep 25 2015 ∞
jan 21 2019 +


  • the book thief
  • the bell jar
  • the glass castle
  • lolita
  • perks of being a wallflower
  • blueprints for building better girls
  • the unbearable lightness of being
  • gone girl
  • looking for alaska
  • battle hymn of the tiger mother
  • catcher in the rye
  • prozac nation


  • how to murder your life
  • the art of seduction
  • the opposite of loneliness
  • trick mirror
mar 28 2016 ∞
jul 8 2020 +
list icon
  • Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost
  • Phenomenal Woman Maya Angelou
  • Porphyria's Lover Robert Browning
  • One Perfect Rose Dorothy Parker
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay Robert Frost
  • A Lot Like You Rudy Francisco
may 16 2011 ∞
nov 16 2015 +
  • “If you want to write well, you have to get your heart broken by the person whom you entrusted your heart with. Be sad, drown yourself in sadness and loneliness. Watch yourself die and wither like a flower inside. Love someone who doesn’t love you back. Break your soul into million pieces. When you’ve done that, writing will patch you whole again. It would be the glue to your wrecked and broken self. It would be the light to your darkness. The one who’ll save you from drowning. The only thing that would keep you going in your shattered life. After that, after you’ve done all those stupid things, you’d write well.”
  • He sat on empty pages with insignificant words sprawled across them narrating love and alcohol and losses and drugs and homes with no roofs. His name plastered on cardboard covers binding hundreds of pages...
mar 15 2013 ∞
aug 4 2016 +

(read when feeling inadequate)

  • memorizing facts and things
  • typing fast
  • remembering little moments in life
  • learning foreign language
  • writing about my feelings
  • listening to others
  • making lists
  • planning ahead
  • being there for others
  • finding interesting articles
  • packing last minute
  • having neat handwriting/cursive
  • asking questions
  • making fictional situations
jan 3 2015 ∞
aug 3 2020 +
  • being sleep deprived(0:48)
  • body smell (1:28)
  • excessive focus on appearance (2:11)
  • not being humble (2:42)
  • overly smiley/ too proud (3:36)
  • contractive body language (4:01)
sep 20 2022 ∞
sep 20 2022 +
  • first purchase 8/21
  • first sale- 8/23
aug 24 2021 ∞
aug 24 2021 +
  • idaho jcl
  • vern mable
  • bob/sue
  • idaho friends
  • idaho twitter
  • liz fresno
  • amara
  • aaja friends
  • ruth ortega
jun 25 2021 ∞
jan 11 2022 +
  • creative
  • intuitive
  • soul connection
  • arts/entertainment/media
  • show business
  • jumps over the fence, stars, world series, fireworks
  • wants to have a family and a home
  • detail focused, multi-tasker
  • psychic level
  • likes mischief
  • different from everyone, changes my perspective on things
  • self sacrificing
  • exceptional person
  • people enjoy watching them talk, perform, has knowledge and wisdom
  • they would do anything for you
  • lucky, exciting
  • creative spark, resourceful, music/art talent
aug 5 2020 ∞
mar 24 2021 +
  • spotify premium $9.99/month
  • apple $9.99
  • amazon prime
  • medium $5 (cancelled)
  • dashpass
  • portfoliobox $9.90
  • dash pass $9.99
  • lyft pink $19.99 (cancelled)
  • audible $14.99 (cancelled)
  • crunchy roll (cancelled)
  • postmates unlimited (cancelled)
  • new yorker (cancelled)
  • la times
  • ny times (paused)
  • WSJ
  • debra $29 (cancelled)
  • houston chronicle (cancelled)
  • luminary (cancelled)
  • nintendo switch (cancelled)
jan 14 2019 ∞
apr 22 2021 +
  • nice people in general/management at station
  • lower cost of living
  • less traffic, takes less time to drive places like the airport
  • the really cool thing about reporting in a capital city in a smaller state is that I’ve gotten to meet the Mayor and the Governor multiple times. I feel very plugged in to the decisions in the city and in the state, whereas Los Angeles was so large (California even larger) it was harder to feel community.
  • covered the coronavirus pandemic, idaho primary elections, two car crashes, drug bust
mar 30 2020 ∞
jul 23 2020 +
  • senior companion program gained volunteers
  • cafecito kindness project
  • therapy horse gained volunteers
  • raised money for three cancer victims
  • local restaurants more business
jul 20 2019 ∞
mar 19 2020 +
  • 1. Snack with your daily coffee
    • Or the daily coffee
  • 2. Any hair, skin, bath, or body product
  • 3. Makeup
  • 4. Novelty food products
  • 5. Clothing
  • 6. Anything brand name
  • 7. Alcohol with dinner
  • 8. Ubers or taxis



“I follow a simple rule I learned from Warren Buffet: if you kept buying useless items, then one day you will be required to sell your most important things.” – Aftab

may 15 2019 ∞
may 21 2019 +
  • not spreading myself too thin
  • not letting everyone know all of my problems (create an air of competency and reliability)
  • not being overly attached or clingy
  • not overanalyzing things & thinking too much, creating my own problems
  • don't feel tense or defensive when people don't agree with me, stop reacting
  • bad habit of just flopping and laying in places when i'm tired
  • don't be so quick to be fooled
  • just sitting there and not moving, especially in the morning
  • letting people back in
  • my extreme sensitivity
    • not letting other people's opinions affect me so much
    • not let it show when other people's opinions affect me
may 13 2016 ∞
jun 14 2019 +


  • go to la zoo lights for free
  • go to lacma private party
  • review restaurants
  • stream movies that haven't come out yet
  • go to chairlift concert for free
  • help others go to concerts / bullet for my valentine
  • interview people and discover fascinating stories
  • wet album, lights album streamed
  • coachella for free
  • meet joe jonas
  • meet fitz from scandal
  • meet amazing role models and friends
  • HARD summer for free
  • see PND/Drake
  • go to Camp Flog Gnaw for free
  • eataly opening day
  • coachella for free
  • see LA Opera twice free
jan 22 2016 ∞
jul 8 2020 +

The precision model is a map of some of the most pernicious wrong turns in communication that people often take. The idea is to notice them and redirect them in a more specific direction. It provides us with the means to qualify people's distortions, deletions, and generalizations WHILE STILL MAINTAINING RAPPORT WITH THEM.

  • universals
    • words like ALWAYS and NEVER
    • shouldn't must can't
    • i feel depressed
      • why?
        • i always mess up
          • but do you ALWAYS?
    • your plan won't work
jul 9 2016 ∞
mar 17 2019 +
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins
  • Mental: "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg... We are creatures of habits and habits form unconsciously. At the end of the day we don't even realize our own habits. This is a great book to understand how habits work and can be changed.
  • Business: "Good to Great" by Jim Collins ... This is an ABSOLUTELY MUST!!! Has changed the way I look and each every professional I met has read this book.
  • Also another great book I just read, "Disrupt You!" by Jay Samit. Definitely another must in this technological world and also learning how to disrupt yourself.
  • Choose Yourself
  • Reinvent Yourself' by James Altucher.
  • Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • 6 Pillars of Self Esteem
dec 27 2018 ∞
jan 29 2019 +

Why lust for more when you’re already happy? If you want more now, you’ll want more when you have that too. Learn to be content with having enough.

Focus on depth, not breadth. Pick your art and dedicate yourself fully to cultivating it.

Seek the mean between extremes, not running from intense business to complete abandon, but a happy medium of engagement and enjoyment.

Dedicate yourself to self improvement and education about all else.

Be respected for your self, not the things you own.

Hope, fear, worry, stress, they all come from focusing more on the future than the present.

We enjoy what we have by sharing it with others.

Crowds will more easily draw you into vice, so choose your crowds wisely.

dec 23 2018 ∞
dec 23 2018 +
  • Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor.
  • I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.
  • Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind.
  • A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.
  • I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.
  • To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasant to them that bear it.
  • I do not want a husband who honours me as a queen, if he does not love me as a woman.
  • Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested.
dec 23 2018 ∞
dec 23 2018 +
list icon
  • France
    • Paris
    • Versailles
    • Bondoufle
  • Mexico
    • Cancun
    • Ensenada
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
    • Kyoto
    • Osaka
    • Kan Sai
    • Yokohama
    • Nagoya
  • Hong Kong
  • China
    • Shanghai
sep 21 2010 ∞
jun 21 2018 +
  • soko glam
  • pop sugar
  • bustle
  • refinery29
  • the zoe report
  • style caster
  • spinmedia
  • xovain
  • into the gloss
  • who what wear
oct 16 2017 ∞
jul 2 2020 +

‘get married soon,’ mother says. ‘it will be good for you. you’re getting old. you need to have somebody with you.’ i ask her why why why, and it always boils down to one word. partnership. ‘like the partnership between anjero and sugar.’ i tell her i dislike anjero, so she says ‘fish and chips. A marriage is fish and chips. you need each other to fill your bellies well. it is a partnership’ if i ask her about love, she shakes her head with vigour. ‘i’m not talking about love. love ruins things. a marriage is not made of love. but partners.’ so for once i listen to her, and i take a good look. i look at the partnership between my aunt’s bruised cheek and her husband’s knuckles. i gaze at the partnership between my father’s no’s and my mother’s yes’s and how his ‘no’ always has the last word. i look at the partnership between my grandmother’s loose ...

jul 16 2017 ∞
jan 21 2019 +

principle 1: simplicity

  • if you argue 10 points, even if they are all good points, most likely people won't remember any.
  • saying something short is not the mission, proverbs and sound bites are the ideal.
  • one sentence statement so that an individual can spend a lifetime learning to follow it.

principle 2: unexpectedness

  • you need to violate their expectations and be counter-intuitive
  • a surprise, alertness, cause focus, grab people's attention
  • generate interest and curiosity
  • open gaps in their knowledge and fill those gaps

principle 3: concreteness

jul 8 2016 ∞
jul 9 2016 +
  • be someone that r a d i a t e s positivity
  • be someone that lifts everybody's mood
  • be someone that cultivates gratitute.
  • think classic, clean, simple
  • i am sure or i feel strongly that vs. i think..
  • body speak, find your own personal style
sep 21 2015 ∞
jul 9 2016 +
dec 27 2018 ∞
jan 14 2019 +
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
  • Prada Candy L'Eau (2013) short
  • Castello Cavalcanti (2013) short
  • Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
  • Hotel Chevalier (2007) short
  • The Darjeeling Limited (2007)
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2003)
  • The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
  • Rushmore (1998)
  • Bottle Rocket (1996)
may 30 2016 ∞
jan 17 2019 +
  • good hair days
  • new school supplies
  • the feeling of having money
  • writing something that flows perfectly
  • finding perfect clothes on sale
  • hard work that pays off
  • sincere compliments
  • bonding with friends
  • getting lost in a good book
  • proving someone wrong
  • getting a text from someone you hoped it would be
  • crossing out everything on my to-do list
  • when someone remembers the little details
  • online orders that come in the mail!
  • when someone laughs at my jokes
  • pimples that go away
  • inside jokes
  • feeling of belonging
  • good customer service
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jan 17 2019 +
  • yes please
  • how to sound more confident than you feel
  • slaughterhouse 5
  • letters to a young contrarian
  • this is where i leave you
  • do less: a minimalist guide to a simplified, organized, and happy life
  • norwegian wood
  • five people you'll meet in heaven
  • you are not special
  • thirteen reasons why
  • it's kind of a funny story
  • the kite runner
  • factory girls
  • eat, pray, love
  • what i talk about when i talk about running
  • the uses of the body
  • i just hope its lethal: books of sadness, madness, and joy
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