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  • I love to laugh and I'm very easily amused
  • I have to have the TV on when I'm cooking, I cannot cook in silence
  • I make lists/notes not because I have a bad memory but because if I don't write it down, I end up not getting it done
  • I can turn pretty much anything into a sexual reference and often do, then me and my boyfriend will laugh about it
  • I love to organize... messy rooms drive me insane
  • I always have to be wearing socks, I hate walking around in bare feet
  • I like closed captioning on whenever I watch movies
  • when I'm done making a sandwich, I always cut it in half
  • when eating M&M's, I eat them until one of each of the 6 individual colors are left remaining, then I eat them until the blue one is left and I eat it last
  • I always use a new towel every time I shower, reusing towels are gross
  • I cannot get my face or hair wet when taking a shower or it really bothers me
  • I'm only comfortable and outgoing around people I know REALLY well... to others I appear anti-social
  • when I'm around someone I don't know well, I worry I'll say the wrong thing or they'll take something I said the wrong way, so I usually end up not saying anything at all
  • I have to watch TV or talk to someone or do some sort of activity when I'm eating
  • I obsessively count calories - it's helped me lose 30 pounds
  • I somehow happen to look at the clock when it's 11:11 almost everyday
  • I have to sleep with a sheet or blanket on me, even if it's 90 degrees outside
  • I constantly clean under my nails because I really hate dirty fingernails
  • I get bored very easily with things
  • the only way I can read a book is if I have complete silence
  • when I go away on a trip, I constantly worry that our place is going to burn down
  • I cannot bring myself to throw away old letters, cards, notes, ticket stubs, etc.
  • I like my voice better when I have a cold
  • I hate showing up for anything late
  • I've never been able to take constructive criticism well
  • I'd rather hang out with guys more than girls because they're less drama
  • I am unable to sweat from the neck up and when I'm working out, this always causes my face to turn a lovely shade of red
  • I love getting to know new people but I’m horrible at it, I’m often too shy to ask questions, which makes it look like I don’t care, when it’s actually the exact opposite
  • most people think this is odd but I don't find it weird at all... I'm one of those people who will add you on Facebook because I talked to you once
  • I absolutely love anything banana flavored
  • I'm really passionate about certain subjects and have been known to go off into ranting monologues... these subjects include: politics, homophobia and general human stupidity
  • I hate flying on a plane, I'm always afraid the plane is going to crash... I'd rather drive to my destination
jun 4 2010 ∞
apr 5 2012 +
user picture Monique : you're funny. Love your lists! And you seem like a very interesting person worth getting to know. jun 4 2010
user picture sleeping fawn: Strangely, we have alot of these in common. apr 5 2012
user picture Zuzanna: I always have to be wearing socks, I hate walking around in bare feet - same, also I clean my fingernails all the time lol and when I go away on a trip, I constantly worry that our place is going to burn down - totally! jul 7 2017