34/25 books read

↺ – reread ♡ – favorite


  • peter and the starcatchers – dave barry & ridley pearson ↺
    • "all we can do is hope."


  • ender's game – orson scott card ↺
    • "i remember everything."
  • ♡♡!!! the color purple – alice walker ↺
    • "the more i wonder, he say, the more i love."
  • kindred – octavia e. butler ↺
    • "the pain was a friend. pain had never been a friend to me before, but now it kept me still. it forced reality on me and kept me sane."


  • the frangipani hotel – violet kupersmith
    • –  "'something that terrible and strange changes everything in a way that makes going back impossible.'"
  • river woman, river demon – jennifer givhan
    • –  "woman, you know there's no luck but what you make."
  • dark matter – blake crouch
    • "what a miracle it is to have people to come home to every day. to be loved."


  • the bad beginning – lemony snicket ↺
    • "the worst surroundings in the world can be tolerated if the people in them are interesting and kind."
  • sharp objects – gillian flynn ↺
    • "easy, easy, i told myself. easy, sweet girl, you'll be okay."
  • the southern book club's guide to slaying vampires – grady hendrix
    • "sometimes she yearned to see what she was made of."


  • gone girl – gillian flynn ↺
    • "'best friends are the people who know us best.'"
  • bunny – mona awad
    • "i am as quiet as rainbows. i am as still as trees."


  • a house with good bones – t. kingfisher
    • "'does anything ever go away on its own?'"
  • carmilla – j. sheridan lefanu
    • "'but to die as lovers may – to die together, so that they may live together.'"
  • the hollow places – t. kingfisher
    • "do objects that are loved know that they are loved?"
  • scythe – neal shusterman
    • "only the pain of empathy will keep us human."
  • the twisted ones – t. kingfisher
    • "aren't you intrigued?"
  • feed – m. t. anderson
    • "'we've all been through this big thing together,' she said. 'it's got to change us somehow.'"


  • bitter orange – claire fuller
    • "'everything will find a way to survive if it can.'"
  • ♡♡!!! hangsaman – shirley jackson
    • "'i may be in danger every moment of my life,' she told the detective, 'but i am strong within myself.'"
  • the sundial – shirley jackson
    • "'try to be brave.'"
  • the inheritance of orquídea divina – zoraida córdova
    • "'your heart need not be metal to be strong.'"
  • how to sell a haunted house – grady hendrix
    • "his mother hadn't wanted him to be cold."


  • a pale view of hills – kazuo ishiguro
    • "'there's still so much to look forward to.'"
  • mexican gothic – silvia moreno-garcia
    • "'it wasn't made for love, the house.'"
  • the road through the wall – shirley jackson
    • "pleasure was in the feeling that the terrors of the night, the jungle, had come close to their safe lighted homes, touched them nearly, and departed."


  • american psycho – bret easton ellis
    • "i am something unreal, something not quite tangible, yet still an obstacle of sorts."
  • the ritual – adam nevill
    • "and what shocked him more than anything he had experienced since they had become lost, was the evidence in this place that the boundary between men and beasts had been scored out."
  • twin peaks: the final dossier – mark frost
    • "how do we hold both fear and wonder in the mind at once?"


  • last days – adam nevill
    • "'what i am i wished to be, and what i wished to be i am.'"
  • human monsters: a horror anthology – sadie hartmann & ashley saywers
    • "terror loves company."
  • the shining – stephen king ↺
    • "this inhuman place makes human monsters."


  • doctor sleep – stephen king ↺
    • "this togetherness was what they had, and in spite of the pain that came with it – pain of all kinds – it was good."
  • this thing between us – gus moreno
    • "'if you feel like you're going to be alone now, you won't.'"


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