best moments of the month

  • the impromptu sleepover with mars; love letters from my angel in the mail; getting inspired to write again; spending time with my family; new carpet at my parents' house; sitting on the phone with angel and even if we weren't talking at least we were together; spending time with ali; going sober; reading more; spending time with my angel; finally getting a diagnosis for my chronic fatigue & chronic pain; being a bridesmaid at kenzie's wedding and holding bj's ring and being a witness for their marriage license


  • february 2: pick up dress, 12:30p
  • february 11: melissa's bday!
  • february 14: valentine's day
  • february 16: therapy, 3:45p
  • february 25: nails, 11:00a
  • february 26: kenzie's wedding!
  • february 27: therapy, 1:30p


  • write speech
  • write 1000 words (210/1000)
  • buy valentine's day gifts


feb 1 2023 ∞
mar 1 2023 +