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  • 47% Intellectual: The Intellectual is the ultimate dinner-party guest. Engaging questions and thoughtful debate are their trademarks.
    • Archetype Family: Thinking
    • Other Expressions: Professional, Student, Scholar, Judge
    • Life Journey: To pursue knowledge for the sake of discovering truth in all areas of life.
    • Unique Challenge: To recognize when I’ve locked myself into a line of thinking based on my education or experience; to remain open to new ideas.
    • Lesson To Learn: To learn to listen to my gut, and to discern the differences between reason and truth.
    • Defining Grace: Wisdom
    • Challenge To Self: I will avoid paralysis by analysis.
    • Notable Intellectuals: Neil deGrasse Tyson; Emma Watson; Charlie Rose
  • 42% Visionary: Leave it to others to live by the status quo. The Visionary is interested in new ways of seeing, solutions not yet imagined, products not yet built.
    • Archetype Family: Visionary
    • Other Expressions: Entrepreneur, Innovator, Pioneer, Guide, Dreamer
    • Life Journey: To bring the future into the present, and sense the changing impulses of society.
    • Unique Challenge: To remain committed to a new vision in order to bring it to fruition.
    • Lesson To Learn: To believe in my vision, however great or small, and my creative potential to change lives.
    • Defining Grace: Courage
    • Challenge To Self: I will envision new possibilities for humanity and recognize when an idea is worth rearranging my life for.
    • Notable Intellectuals: Arianna Huffington; Elon Musk; Steve Jobs
  • 11% Spiritual: The Spiritual seeks a deeper meaning. For them, the journey of faith is never-ending. Thoughtful and compassionate, they have a strong sense of moral obligation.
    • Archetype Family: Spiritual
    • Other Expressions: Mystic, Healer, Seeker
    • Life Journey: To discover the meaning and purpose of life
    • Unique Challenge: To create a life that balances my spiritual, emotional, and physical needs
    • Lesson To Learn: To be truthful with myself about who I am and what I believe; to recognize when I’m resisting change in order to remain comfortable
    • Defining Grace: Humility
    • Challenge To Self: I will tap into and trust my intuition, and be conscious of where I position matters of the spirit among other live interests.
    • Notable Intellectuals: Caroline Myss; Deepak Chopra; Pope Francis
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