• Went to work with Mako, helped her with a lot of rehabilitation things because of her apparently fractured humeral head.. I felt really bad but was happy to see that she put on a smile through the whole day. I stopped by Kate Spade on the way back home, which was a horrid idea because of Labor Day shoppers, got a new wallet, a side-bag, and a big tote bag with a grand total of $242. Not sure if worth, but will test it out. Came back to bay and met up with mom at storage shed, and later had some vietnamese food for dinner.
  • Went to Burlingame for Hyatt meeting with wendy. Saw a bunch of saints, and even sat behind the tired brothers (haha). Ended up going to a restaurant called wonderful with the sisters and later on Land's End--a little bummed that David hadn't told me the brothers werent going so I felt like I was there for no real reason. Went...
sep 4 2018 ∞
oct 1 2018 +
  • Stayed at home in the morning, went to work. Steve called me in the morning to finish the convo that we had, called me at 10am and basically both of us were upset at the verdict of taking a break, he ignored me the whole day despite how caring he sounded over the phone, i went to work.
  • Still ignored me which was kinda annoying, but I got used to it by now. Went to McD to get some nuggets with Ray and hung out with Ethan, went to work, Maddie and Lauren were both there so it was nice talking to them~~~
  • Tried to sleep in but fuck construction, played with hammies, went to taytah to get a sandwich for lunch, went to work, got off early at 8pm because business was fucking slow, went to chipotle, came home and just surfed on the internet because I actually have time to myself~~
sep 1 2015 ∞
sep 4 2015 +
  • Pretty much in a depressed state knowing that Steve's back yet he's not messaging me to tell me how his flight was, etc, all that fucking shit, and how he said Davis was "2 far" for him to visit and all that fucking shit that made me cry for hours... Alyssa's birthday today though so we went to hometown and that got my mind off a lot of things, came back and just wanted to be around people so Sam picked me up and we went to drink in the evening, which made Steve really angry and sad at me and he told me that "let's break up" and that fucking killed me man fucking killed me. Worst experience ever. I felt like a fucking toy. Came back and slept because I was so tired of this bullshit.
  • Woke up with no regret except him constantly messaging me angry pusheen faces and him guilt tripping me for making him sad, all that fucking shit. But I was able to...
jun 3 2015 ∞
jul 1 2015 +
  • Cluster meeting at sacramento was nice, warming up, came back to relax a bit and talked to babe, worked out at gym, came back and relaxed and studied and outlined paper.
  • Woke up, had lunch with Elizabeth, class, picked up midterms from nut and bis, found out that i actually got a B on my midterm not an F, worked out at the arc and ran for so long that I actually felt sweat drip down my face...came back and worked on a few things, mainly organizing and cleaning.
  • Slept almost till noon, went to class, worked out, came back to relax and got my fisheye/wide angle adaptor, went to my classes, came back and ate good food because I didnt really eat much today, watched nutrition broadcast and watched nutrition e.c. broadcast. Had dinner with Vivian at Segundo DC.
mar 4 2015 ∞
apr 1 2015 +
  • Relaxed away in my dorm getting ready for photoshoot, "studying", photoshoot with Vivian around campus, dinner with Miranda at DC, relaxing more and just skyping with my cutie for 3 hours downstairs :3
  • Woke up to go to my first cluster ever at Sacramento, saw a lot of saints from SST, but it was tiring being a follower the entire day because I didn't have a ride to come back, sister's hot pot at the sister's house, coming back to study!
  • Study all day, more like play around all day, got new retina macbook pro again....good work out at 7:02 run!
  • Took LDA midterm but my arms really just hurt from writing 4 essays, class, relaxing, doing prelab, getting everything done, good pineapple sausage dinner, ARC with Bethany, skype session with Faustine, relaxing because Im tired!
  • Chem lecture, came back to nap, chem lab ...
oct 31 2014 ∞
dec 2 2014 +
  • Worked in the morning, had lunch at house of curries with Vivian and Regina, working more and then being so tired and coming home to relax, thought I got over a lot of things then i skyped Steve for 2 hours and cried basically the whole time over talking problems.
  • Woke up pretty late because I knew i could sleep in, woke up and made spam, played league and lost all games as usual lol, relaxing resting because got my period last night.
  • Lord's table meeting and going to Alliance redwoods for my first time serving the SST! Upon arrival, we went to our cabins and met the sisters in our class.
  • In class, the sisters are more open to the meetings and we enjoy laughing and playing guitar together.
  • With much prayer, we are encouraged to pursue together especially for those that a...
jul 31 2014 ∞
sep 4 2014 +
  • Senior graduation little theater meeting with traffic control presentation, classes, still a hot day, broadcast with the broadcasting guys, coming home (ran into Ken and Joe), coming home to relax, watch netflix and study for DMV test as well as APES assessment tomorrow.
  • School, pho lunch with Mom, wasn't able to pass my behind the wheel because I made too many mistakes, coming home and watching psyche to get my mind off the fact that steve's not coming home in time for prom.
  • Really didn't do anything because there was nothing to do. Played league (maybe like 6 games or more) with Miranda and Mio, watched like 6 episodes or more of Psych.
  • Sleeping in, able to talk to S, tutoring Sara trig at the library, walking home with cheetos and apple juice and talking to...
apr 29 2014 ∞
jun 1 2014 +
  • Church in the morning with Steve, hanging out at Thai food, walking back home to Albany and listening to music at the same time, walking wayyyyy too much, came home and relaxed, played Clash of Clans.
  • Half sleepy day at school because man, the first day back from break is just so tiring, got rice plate from Pho place, came home and did college apps forwarding for QuestBridge, did homework, studied, and rested my sore body.
  • School, came home and did studying, Steve came over at 3:40, and then spent time with me until 6:40 :) I walked him home halfway in the cold, which was really nice. Then, I played a game with Miranda, then studied and fell asleep because I was so tired.
  • School, came home and ate food, studied, talked with Steve, took a three hour nap and feel just so rejuvenated, now more st...
dec 1 2013 ∞
dec 31 2013 +
  • Lord's Table meeting at the Hyatt with Vicki and all the YP! Very enjoyable, lunch at Tamashii Ramen house with the Ou's, laptop hunting at Fry's and Best Buy and eventually got a new Asus laptop which I love so so much!
  • learning to play league of legend with Steve and working on college essays while going on a run with Steve to Indian rock!!!
  • school, came home, played league with Steve, went on a run with Steve and came home to relax and sleep...
  • school, ranch and berkeley bowl with Mom in the afternoon, coming home to play and win two game in league, senior portraits with Eunice :) they came out really nice! Coming home and biking as the sun had set :) saw Steve on his way back from running training.
  • School, bad day ... really bad day. cried...
aug 31 2013 ∞
sep 30 2013 +
  • Girl w/ a pearl earring field trip with Art History class, Yilin coming over for homework, finally giving Steve the surprise for our 123rd day :)
  • Block A, Lunch at Esther's, Steve coming over to hang out at my house (he's so cute), walking him to work in shorts and my falling pad, coming home to do more homework.
  • Block B, Diversity assembly, lunch with Aamina, hanging out at Ethans, discussing prom dresses with people, chicken pho for dinner, more studying..
  • Block A, came home and relaxed all day from 1pm to evening...what a relaxing day. Toms shoes came in today!
  • Period came :( but slept in, making pancakes with Camille and Yilin, International Potluck, picking Steve up from work, In n Out for dinner, relaxing and watching movies on friday night...
apr 1 2013 ∞
dec 31 2013 +
  • New Year's hotpot with family, tutoring Sara and HOC for dinner at home while doing more homework and planning tomorrow's photoshoot!
  • Photoshoot with Maya at SF Golden Gate Park, Japanese food for lunch, coming home to Steve hanging out at my house, vietnamese sandwiches for dinner after visiting Suki.
  • Shopping day with Mom at Ranch, Target, and DB shoes to buy new shoes and clothes! Finally finished english Wizard of Oz book!
  • Florence messing with my hair and face for prom, eating pho at Ranch with her, coming home with Steve to hang out at my house, amazing salmon dinner and working on more homework!
  • Did homework in the morning, went to Sara's band performance with Steve in the rain, came home and Google Hungout with Flor...
jan 1 2013 ∞
jan 31 2013 +
  • Got a haircut, everything feels so light! Had boba with Mom and bought earrings at Ranch :)
  • Bad day at school because of Mr. Izumizaki's sudden passing. Came home for a nap, but the weather was so hot! Rode home after last SAT Practice test (ever) in the night with the warm summer air! Felt so good.
  • Skyped with S today, ran in the dark, fun day watching presentations in Mandarin!
  • LAST SAT CLASS WITH AAMINA, recorded a video for Aamina riding bike home in the wind :) Came straight home after lunch so I had a long afternoon.
  • Came home after school and just went to bed! Math quiz was easy and we had a lot of people signed up for presentations! Had thai food for dinner :)
  • Sleeping in, tutoring with Nina, YP meeting at Lydia's (great turnout of people!)
sep 23 2012 ∞
nov 1 2012 +
  • Tracey and Jessica get rebaptized!
  • Eric M.'s sharing about preservation (Briella's testimony) and running the race really encouraged me.
  • Good sharing, Sarah Mancia's prophecy made me cry because of her genuine love for the Lord this week.
  • Last day of SST, it was really sad leaving the saints :( Hannah made me cry because of how much I realized I loved the saints in Sacramento/Davis. Seeing Tracey, Christie and Jennifer again after being dropped off in the church in Sacramento. Came home to a young peoples meeting at the meeting hall with Richard, Jeanine, Joyce, Clare and Marianna.
  • Although I woke up late for Joyce's ride to Lord's Table Meeting, I was able to get a ride from Grace. Came home, relaxed, and read the Bible while uploading/seeing photos from SST on Facebook.
jul 27 2012 ∞
nov 17 2012 +
  • Took my quiz and got a 45/47 which was amazing! School was alright as usual, learned a lot of new concepts (ABG, dimensional analysis). Came back home and did some work at home before heading out to Temple to study with David before coordination. Coordination made me sad because it seemed like people didn't acknowledge that i lived at the Wilson's. We ate really spicy ramen and it was enjoyable in that way though!
  • Lab today and wore my new yola figs scrubs so that exponentially increased my confidence. Went home, cooked udon, and then did laundry, cooking, and then studying at T4 with David! It was really nice because we just studied together, it was sweet when he told me that I work really hard. Then, we went to eat thai canteen, drank some beer, and then did it in the car again LOL
oct 1 2018 ∞
nov 3 2018 +
  • Had lunch with Shenya, Claire, Anna, PRaisella and Connie before going to class, took a quiz, had 3 hours free so I wrote Steve a letter, hung out with Aamina and printed pics at Walgreens, presented how to cook a dish in communication, took a bus home and relaxed.
  • Slept in but still wanted to sleep more, worked on David website, signed up for credit card, etc, work at 4pm till 8pm... came back and relaxed.
  • Had work today as well and didnt know that, eric didnt come to work, it was just good eating all the good food for dinner! Had the buns, spring rolls, noodles, etc! AHHHH!
  • Woke up early to go to santa cruz, got there and couldnt find parking but the scenery was nice, ate good BBQ, drank a lot but it was a bad idea, prettyyyyyy bad idea as usual.
jul 1 2015 ∞
aug 15 2015 +
  • Went to my classes, had to take a nap in the afternoon before meeting Miranda, when we watched Home at the Davis theaters and got some in n out, came back and played some league and relaxed.
  • Went to classes today, came back during lunch and took a 4 hour nap because my body really needed it. Relaxing, studying.
  • Slept through all of my morning classes which was crazy but that got me over my jetlag officially, tabled for TAO, came back and did some catch up work and homework for Chem, went to the arc and ran a 6:43 mile on the treadmill, home meeting in the evening but that really ticked me off.
  • Long day at Sonoma visiting and blending with the saints there, good lunch, visiting the campus, went to Bodega Bay and saw the beach, buffet dinner, came back and ran a little bit around outside but got s...
apr 2 2015 ∞
may 3 2015 +
  • Went to SF with them today, which was nice because I went out and did stuff, went to ocean beach, ate amazing taiwanese food at Quickly's, came back and relaxed for a bit before going to Farm Burger for Marleigh's birthday, came back and played pictionary and chatting Steve all night long~
  • Lunch with Charmaine at Kim's, hanging out for 2+ hours, shopping for food with Mom at Ranch, came back to prepare food, clean up for packing, Skyped with my cute one for 3+ hours :3 made me laugh so much!~
  • Came back to Davis early in the morning, took a long nap in my super comfy bed, did nothing all day, rewatched Cloud Atlas, skyped Steve from 11pm to 1am.
  • Woke up super late and satisfied, picked up Dr Dre headphones for Steve and trying them out, biking is so nice, came back t...
jan 2 2015 ∞
feb 2 2015 +
  • Horrible dentist appointment in the morning at like 8am, half the time was spent on commuting, got thai iced tea from taytah, went back home and rested and did random shit, went with Mom to buy things at ranch, coming back to pack and stuff a ton of shit into my backpack.... shuttling back to Davis, unpacking, cleaning my teeth (omg it hurts so bad...), writing LDA Final essay, relaxing, lens shopping? lol
  • Got my 2 year anniversary package from Steve :) WEnt to class as usual, went to a really late lecture at night and learned about suicide terrorism.
  • Woke up early, napped for two hours, missed bible study, had lab for only an hour, came back and relaxed, watched nikita.
  • Class, prepared for a lame ass interview that I didnt get the job for, bible study, lame ass burrito, just a pretty lame ass evening lol.
dec 2 2014 ∞
jan 2 2015 +
  • Labor day, but really just continued my watching streak of Dong Yi, another 10 episodes in one day and because I stayed up late till 3:30am, I was able to chat with my cutie.
  • Another day of lounging around, watching Dong Yi, work in the middle of the day, watched Dong Yi until 3am.
  • Woke up late, watched DY, went to work for 2.5 hours, got paid fully for August, biking to N.B. library, came home to eat good food, watch more DY, wasn't able to talk to Stoog that much today because he's busy with work.
  • Woke up late, watched Dong Yi, went to work to Indian Rock, came home, watched more Dong Yi, in n out for dinner, relaxing in my room.
  • Slept in, went to Berkeley to meet up with Aamina for lunch and hangout, ended up hanging out with other people as well and...
sep 4 2014 ∞
oct 1 2014 +
  • Lord's table meeting, YP outing to Tilden Park to have BBQ lunch with the saints, baseball with the college students, coming home to relax because it's Sunday!
  • School, napped in Garcia's, lunch with the friends, got my period today :( had to take care of the kids all day until evening when I finally got dinner and rest. Got paid!**
  • School, lunch with Faustine and Charmaine, doing work in Journalism, filming for Lit movie (The Tempest) with Vivian, Charmaine, Naomi and Camilio, coming home for In n Out and resting for the evening.
  • School, lunch with the girls, hanging out at Vivians for a bit, taking care of kids from 2:30-5pm, coming home to play three games of league and relaxing. Package from Steve came!
  • School, one heart meeting, working on The Tempest video, generally a pretty bad da...
jun 1 2014 ∞
jun 30 2014 +
  • Slept in, wrote Steve a long letter, mailed letter, played league and watched Psyche all day~
  • Slept in, went to see doctor at Kaiser for back/muscle pains, coming home to relax, catch up on homework but relaxed instead, Ray's basketball dinner/banquet that went all the way until late evening, came home and finished drafting heart of darkness essay.
  • School, sleepy, fun, lunch with the crew again, doing hw in the library until after school, walked home in the cold, studied math and more homework, playing league at 6 with Miranda.
  • School, got my period today so headache and cramps all morning, boring day at school, regularee, lunch with the crew, helping Linnea with her problems, writing another letter while drinking warm boba at Taytah, came home to do homework, watch psy...
feb 23 2014 ∞
apr 1 2014 +
  • Slept in, hung out at Miranda's all day playing with Bentley and playing League with her, In N Out for dinner, YP meeting at Jeanine's though I was late, coming home to fix laptop's FPS, play more league :D
  • Didn't really get to sleep in, good salmon lunch, played league all day on 70+ FPS which was just amazing, new year's dinner/superbowl sunday at the Chen's!
  • School, came home and played league while doing homework, salmon burgers for dinner, looking through old pics and making Steve's VDay card and Charmaine's surprise card :)
  • GOT MY SECOND LETTER FROM STEVE, RAN TO SCHOOL! So pumped, happy and happy :) Good day at school, came home and leagued, sent 3 letters to Stoog, studied for AFROTC interview on Thursday, relaxing.
  • School, came home and leagued, studied fo...
feb 1 2014 ∞
mar 1 2014 +
  • First day of the year, took pictures with Linnea in her backyard, had Grazzy Burger for dinner with Mom :)
  • Stayed at home, biked around town wanting to buy a planner but just hung out outside, came home and played league all day with Miranda and Steve, when he came back from Alameda.
  • Stayed at home all day trying to restudy my school stuff, played games all day...
  • Went biking with Charmaine to Purple Kow to get a good drink, came back and explored the routes of Berkeley, extremely tired, etc. no YPM.
  • Last time Lord's table service with Steve! Had a fun time just reminiscing how I brought him to the church, had a fun time "getting apple juice". Finally fulfilling my chicken nuggets craving, fries, etc. came home and napped and dreamed and rested, and played two games of league with M...
jan 1 2014 ∞
feb 1 2014 +
  • Typical day at school, laughing from Aamina's wrong text, first lunch of the school year at Esther's, finding Tiffany Ah Yee for an after school job, coming home to relax, SAT, etc.
  • Wednesday, good day at school, funny assessment and getting our tests wet, coming home to relax!
  • School, one heart meeting, selling t-shirts, eating more chips and picking up ethan and getting boba, one hour broadcast class, pho with Mom at Ranch, coming home, sleeping, relaxing, not much studying...
  • Friday! Apparently our 300th day! Graduation meeting during advisory, second successful UNICEF meeting, failed LoL meeting, Uchicago meeting, hanging out with Steve and eating pho and walking around places, coming home to relax, study, catch up a lot of deadlines :/
  • SAT In the morning at a military school, ...
sep 30 2013 ∞
nov 2 2013 +
  • First day of July, stayed home with Mom, went to Ranch with Mom to eat popcorn chicken, clean up at Mike's house, playing sims and relaxing and cleaning my room!
  • Went with Mom to work at Dixon for the first time ever. Meeting Buddy and the cat, but also sneezing and having dry eyes for the entire day. Happy Sashimi for dinner and coming home to relax my allergies!
  • English homework in the morning, Steve came over to hang out with me after work ALLLL DAY from 2-7pm :) <3 we finally did it. Watched Mulan 2, walked around, went to Linnea's and walked to the pool and back and ended the PERFECT DAY with ice cream and happiness....I FINALLY GOT THE JOB AT AS YOU WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Happy fourth of july, weird music festival in Cerrito Vista Park, pho for dinner with everyone, first time working at As Yo...
jul 2 2013 ∞
aug 11 2013 +
  • FIRST DAY OF MAY! Monday schedule on a Wednesday, a little bit odd. Going after school to Lucky's to buy otterpops for UNICEF otterpop sale tomorrow...studying and preparing for oral defense and Steve coming over for the first time in a month! Missed him sooooooooooooo much.
  • BACK TO STAR TESTING! Period came today and killed me :( good oral presentation, found refuge with Ms. Stocker and Daisy, awesome otterpop sale and made $63.25!!!!!!!! Wore shorts to school for the first time since freshman year and slightly got a tan. Coming home to relax, shower, do homework!
  • Last day of STAR testing, warm day at school so I wore my blue dress and saw Steve for 2 seconds, mini photoshoot with Linnea because we had nothing better to do after talking about prom plans, new profile picture, attempting to study, as usual.
apr 30 2013 ∞
may 31 2013 +
  • Couple Photoshoot with Maya and Steve in Berkeley, took a lot of great pictures, hung out with Steve and watched a movie before, school was alright, came home and fell asleep.
  • Woke up late but full of sleep, did homework, cleaned room, picked up Steve from work and he came to hang out at my house afterwards, young people's meeting at Jeanine's!
  • Got sleep! Woke up, ate, did homework, tutored Sara, did homework, dinner at Thai restaurant with Mom, lots of sneezing :(
  • Missed half of school due to post-sneezing-syndromes, lunch at Camille's, home, eating food, doing homework, surprising Steve to talk him to work, more homework, music, chatting~
  • Good and awakeful day at school, hanging out with Steve at my house afterwards, walking him to work at 6pm, going to Ray's ...
feb 2 2013 ∞
feb 28 2013 +
  • Camille made me lunch again today! Came home and took a nap after being excessively tired out at school...
  • FRIDAY! Watched Romeo and Juliet play with Regina, Charmaine, Hiroka and Shuo. Finished a lot of homework in one day! ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL ALLIANCE!
  • Slept in! Had dinner in SF at thai restaurant with family while visiting David's elementary classmate from Taiwan.
  • Slept in again! Gained an extra hour due to day time savings (falling backwards)...went on a run with S, but had to run into his mom awkwardly at Target...made Camille and my lunch for tomorrow!
  • Felt refreshed when I woke up in the morning because I got a lot of sleep! Had a great lunch with Faustine, Charmaine, Naomi and Sami for the first time in a while, nice weather! Came home and had food that Mom bought from 99 Ranch.
oct 30 2012 ∞
dec 1 2012 +
  • Senior awards ceremony today; made me really sad to think that all 2012 seniors are leaving. Helped out for the first time with my new leadership students, and Oakland Children's Hospital Orientation with Aamina. Came home and studied bio, mostly tired though.
  • SAT 2's Biology at ECHS, hung out with Eunice (made video for Florence), got boba with Preston and Eunice, volunteered at Lawrence Hall of Science first time with Char and Eunice, came home and went to young people's meeting where Grace got baptized! Had a great time, realizing that Grace is finally a part of our Kingdom with the saints. Had a fun time taking photos and singing hymns with the saints!
  • Senior photoshoot at Albany Bulb with Savannah and Saskia, went to Camille's awesome dance performance with Regina, came home and studied for history final.
jun 2 2012 ∞
jul 2 2012 +
  • Finished Ephesians and I'm starting Philippians! Praise the Lord!
jan 30 2012 ∞
jan 30 2012 +
  • I honestly felt like everyone was just dead and walking zombies. I felt like that after I took the MAC 2 test. Went with Darren, Sam, and Kavita to get some starbucks and it was just nice to be done with this week. Lecture was kind of draining as we learned about the heart. Came back home and this was finally my night off! I did some assignments before D got off work--reflection, adaptive quizzing, etc. Then, D and I went to eat Blaze! Then we drank a bottle from Safeway and did it. But we ended up fighting.... i think we were just drunk.
  • Didnt really get to sleep in because I was woken up naturally by the sound of the full timers downstairs. Joined for a little bit but my eyes were swollen and I was still recovering from this week. We had our sim lab today--I was pretty nervous about it but then I ended up playing the f...
nov 3 2018 ∞
nov 19 2018 +
  • Slept in, trekked all the fucking way to UPS in the hot Davis sun, went to class, went to another class, had Sharetea with ...
apr 20 2016 ∞
apr 27 2016 +
  • Went all the way to fucking Davis to visit Sam but ended up getting disappointed when the whole time he was talking about other people, using his phone, etc, went and ran some errands before picking up Mom.
  • Went back to Davis to pick up the bed from some dude with Felicia, was kind of annoyed because Felicia drove so slow and I was hungry, came back to Oakland to work at Chu, which was always hot and annoying as usual.
  • Babysat Peter and Jesse as the kids went to Tilden Park Little Farm, went back to Tiffany's place to work for 4 hours, and then filling in Kyle's shifts at kirin, repeat for tomorrow.
  • Positively about today that wasn't a repeat of yesterday was that we went to Erin Choi's house for a playdate with the kids and her house was like a beautiful Ikea ...
aug 15 2015 ∞
sep 1 2015 +
  • Classes, forgot about Steve for a really long time because last night got my mind off a lot of things, hung out with Hannah Shin, weilung, mark khoo, sam, bethany and myself at Teabo for about an hour and a half which was nice, came back and did some work before going to take pictures for Izzy in the evening! Sister's game night at the sister's house made me laugh and so happy... ! Came back and called Steve for a bit.
  • Went to sacramento in the morning to cafe-hop but I was so tired from waking up so early, met up with Hannah who took us out to the Parlor to eat some ice cream stuffed donuts, studied outside in the hot sun (omg kill me), saw the capitol for the first time in a while since I was little, bussed back, went immediately to the SCC while talking to Steve on the phone for about 40 minutes, which was really nice ...
may 3 2015 ∞
jun 3 2015 +
  • Went to sleep at like 3:30am last night so waking up at 9:30 was a killer, berkeley meeting hall, taking pics with Bethany at uc berkeley, lunch with Chen family eating dumplings, shuttling back, editted pics, chatted with Steve, did some "catch up school work", but really though my brain was too tired to even catch up on school work.
  • Had classes today, had my interview for orientation leader, I thought that it went well but Im not really sure anymore, lunch with Elizabeth, checked out apartments and decided we're going to sign the lease, came back to study and read for my classes.
  • Went to my classes, regular tuesday, doing whatever Regular tuesday things tuesday people do, went and signed lease for Fountain Circle and realized that Vivian is also living there next year so that made ...
feb 2 2015 ∞
mar 4 2015 +
  • Registered bike, DC food, got fridge, came back to design fridge, DC lunch, mandatory HDE meeting at Hart, Discover Davis farmers market, trader joes trip, walking over to tercero to watch aquamarine at Talie's, relaxing before the first day of instruction tomorrow!!!!
  • First day of school! Meeting new people and it was just interesting being in class during the day, interesting RST21 class, came back and relaxed and Mom came to visit so we ate at the DC, etc.
  • 8am lecture for chem, so sleepy, came back and slept before discussion with Nelia LOL and meeting new people, had lunch with Yepu and Samie (friends from FB?), relaxed, reading for classes, Zumba class? Dinner at downtown with Talie and Alyssa.
  • UCD medical conference orientation, lunch with Mom and going around Walmart buying things, coming back to relax, clean room...
oct 1 2014 ∞
oct 31 2014 +
  • Couldn't sleep at all at night because I was upset, but Steve talked to me so much and got me out of my emotional self, sleeping for 4 hours, going to SF Union Square to buy clothes with them, coming home to relax, rest because I am so dead tired.
  • Dentist appointment for new retainers in morning, lunch with Linnea and driving with her, daycare for 2 hours, wingstop and walking around with Dad, coming home to relax and rest.
  • Morning to Dixon with Mom, contact lenses cut my eye so annoying, financial aid papers at Davis, shopping at Walmart, picked up glasses from Costco, Mike's house, pho in El Cerrito but all the while I had period cramps, coming home to relax and rest, took math placement test.
  • Went to Outlet shopping at Vacaville with them, it was so hot and I bought a lot o...
jun 30 2014 ∞
jul 31 2014 +
  • School, math test :(, a really rainy day that kept me indoors most of the time watching Psych, playing league, only got to talk to him a bit today.
  • School, a little bit of cramps but it was bearable, diversity assembly but kind of bad, kim's cafe lunch and bus'd to Oakland for volunteering, messaging Steve only a little bit, barting back, driving to el cerrito house to walk beannie and clean house to earn $20, driving back to relax, homework, more relaxing though!
  • Biked to school but cracked my phone, injured body, horrible, broadcast, getting new phone at best buy, sad day.
  • School, rain, went around the bay trying to get TB shot read, japanese food for lunch, daycare, talking to my babe, relaxing, psych, phone.
  • Drove to Davis for Decision Day! Got free stuff, got pumped up for school there, t...
apr 1 2014 ∞
may 1 2014 +
  • Lipsync, last day of homecoming, not that big of a HURRAH, worked on homework in the library, hanging out with Steve on a Fridayyyyy from 3-6:30 <3 it was nice, playing league, studying a bit for mando SAT 2 tomorrow!
  • Easy chinese SAT in the morning, coming home to draft many drafts of personal statements and relaxing, evening YP meeting at the library of the meeting hall.
  • Church in the morning (bus) with Steve, IAP meeting in lecture hall with Steve, back to meeting hall to play Linja game, relaxing, HYPHEE session with Cynthia, busing back together with him afterwards, but a lot of messed up feelings in the evening, yet again.
  • School, dentist appointment :( got my entire mouth massacred, came home and relaxed, did homework, relaxed, studied, relaxed...
oct 31 2013 ∞
dec 1 2013 +
  • Good sharing and orienteering with the group taking pictures and doing stuff. Tired because it was like another hike...extremely tired that I couldn't stay awake for the evening.
  • Baptisms! and found my Zloty money in my bag. Found wifi password and song competition! Danced around so much because of happiness that I got the wifi password.
  • Last day of conference and shopping in the city of Zakopane and trying out amazing pizza for lunch and concluding meeting at night. End of conference!
  • Leaving Poland camp and driving to Krakow City to stay in a ghetto student dorm exploring Krakow City square but it was soooo hot.
  • Spent the day in the old city market square again and then shopping at the mall. Almost lost my phone, ate a lot of fries, and getting lost in the middle of rural P...
aug 11 2013 ∞
sep 2 2013 +
  • Watching How I Met Yo Mama in the morning, prom hair-do with Maya, Shing and Linnea, getting dressed at her house and seeing Steve in a suit looking like my bodyguard and us epitomizing swag with our matching shades, eating pho at a restaurant with him and ending with froyo, looking at pictures and relaxing in my bed :)
  • Recuperating at home and relaxing, tutoring Sara at 2, getting boba, coming home to just admire prom pictures and completely wasted my day
  • Got through a full day of school! Coming home to eat a lot of good food that Mom made, finishing Chem portfolio, studying here and there and relaxing
  • Just completely didnt go to school, worked on Vietnam essay, chemistry lab, ate good food at home, biked around in the afternoon running errands, coming home to watch How I Met Your Mother and some homewor...
may 31 2013 ∞
jul 1 2013 +
  • FRIIIIIDAYYY! Hung out with Yilin and Linnea after school getting froyo and watching the swimmers during practice. Coming home to start a scholarship application, do homework, relax and thinking about course selection, even though it's a bit early.
  • Super relaxing Saturday, stayed in bed watching 200 Pounds of Beauty and other movies until 4pm, fixed my bike, went to Best Buy to turn in my phone for refurbished, got a replacement phone, and went to Berkeley bowl before to buy food.
  • Relaxing Sunday, tutored Sara, attended WASC meeting, hung out with Steve at my house, eating great dinner!
  • Good day at school :) came home and did homework, finished early, relaxing, studying...chillaxing.
  • Happy Tuesday at school, WASC leadership lunch with free Zachary's pizza, coming h...
feb 28 2013 ∞
apr 1 2013 +
  • Went to Ranch with Mom in the morning, tutored Sara at the library, and went to SF Blending with Jeanine and Jennifer in the rain!
  • Did homework, ate chinese dimsum take out, hung out with Steve in the evening :) kissingggggggg 2nd timeeeeeee
  • Went to Lucky's to count up UNICEF money with Michelle and Eunice... came home and studied tons of art history for Rome test and also finished thanksgiving profile.
  • Came home from lunch with Esther's (sang before we ate!) and took a nap, studied for math benchmark and went to Ray's first basketball game of the season.
  • Came home from school and did homework! Finally started the outside reading book for English project, hung out with Steve, went to Ranch to get boba and saw Maxwell...we kissed again by the side stairs (by...
dec 2 2012 ∞
jan 1 2013 +
  • Labor Day Conference at the S.F. Hyatt with Hannah, Sarah, Leane, Natalie, and Tracey! Had an amazing lunch at the thai restaurant with Tracey, Natalie, Leane and Melody! Got little sleep, slept on the floor, and had WONDERFUL BOBA! Great singing time with the YP!
  • Big Lord's table meeting at Burlingame (impromptu sleepover!). In-n-out Burgers for lunch with Emily and Grace's mom, came home and crashed for 3 hours and had a great time looking at photos!
  • Relaxed at home, did homework, and listened to hymns.
  • Good day at school, despite it being first block schedule...It's so relaxing not having a seventh! Had lunch with Maya Baumer and went over Unicef logisitics.
  • Talked to Cornell's principal with Aamina about Unicef, great day at school! First block b schedule of the school year! Gre...
aug 31 2012 ∞
oct 1 2012 +
  • Volunteered in ingenuity lab with Stephany, hung out with Dad and Ray at the plaza (eating Wingstop) and coming home to bake a berry cobbler!
  • First full day with the Kindercubs with Maya and Ben! Had a great time playing with Margaux, Teegan, Lucie, Ashlee and more!
  • Swimming at E.C. Pool with Kindercubs and seeing all the extremely attractive lifeguards! Ben didn't come today :(
  • Independence Day! Relaxed at home and watched How I Met Your Mother and went to Vacaville Outlets with Dad and Ray to buy earrings and pants.
  • Sky High with Kindercubs, Maya, Bonnie and Ben- super fun jumping on the trampolines! Successful camp opening with the LIT crew! Saw Juneyoung, Pavel and Maxwell at Memorial Park after the Y, Barney's afterwards with Preston, Thalia and Kevin!
jul 1 2012 ∞
oct 23 2012 +
  • Relaxing Saturday
  • He came over to help me tutor in math; so awkward!
  • Hit softball super far during PE today
  • Won elections for student council with Miranda P. with over 120 votes! Made me super happy to have such supporters in my school. :)
may 26 2012 ∞
jun 1 2012 +