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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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  • if i am doing homework, and have multiple internet windows open, i cannot close my internet. i would rather leave it open for a long period of time that bookmark everything and have to re-open multiple tabs.
  • i usually sleep with my eyes open. sometimes, i wake myself up right as i'm falling asleep, but i won't have to open my eyes. it freaks me out. and i can't help it.
    • therefore, i usually sleep with my arm over my face slash eyes. and it smushes my eye lashes and sometimes they look retarded.
      • thank God for mascara and eye lash curlers.
  • i sleep in one teeny tiny little area of my gigantic bed. the rest is covered in not bed slash sleep related stuff.
  • i always run out of conditioner before shampoo. but i refuse to use an old shampoo with a new conditioner. and i refuse to use brand X shampoo with brand Y conditioner. so i usually just end up throwing both away. sorry, world.
  • putting my hand in water, when i can't see the bottom, freaks me out. so i won't do it.
  • if i feel that my hands smell weird, i will smell them. and if they do, in fact, smell weird, or good, or whatever, i can't stop smelling them. even if they stink. unless it is restaurant smell. then i want nothing to do with them until i have good soap and hot, hot, hot water.
    • this also applies if i spray perfume (which, by the way, why is that spelled with an "e" rather than a "u" like purfume? hate.) on my wrist, sleeve, etc.
  • i have a collection of toiletries in my shower because i always forget to throw them away. plus i don't like to throw wet things in my trash, and i never remember til i'm actually in the shower, then it's too late, and then they just hang out in my shower for a long time.
    • also, if they are a pair, and one is used, even though i'm not going to use the other one, i have a hard time throwing it away.
  • i use a new towel every time i shower. evan says this is wasteful, and abnormal.
    • i just think used towels are stinky.
  • i get the hiccups every time i eat spicy food and drink carbonated drinks. every freaking time.
  • i pop my jaw on average of probably over 1,000 times a day. someday, i probably won't be able to open my mouth.
  • i cannot throw away old letters, cards, notes, pictures, etc. pack. rat.
  • i like odd numbers more than even ones. a lot. and i hate, hate, hate the number 4. and i don't know why.
  • i assign colors to things and people in my mind. and it's usually pretty accurate with their favorite color. besides things, things don't have favorite colors. also, this is very weird.
  • blood does not disgust me. you could slice off your finger and i'd be pretty damn interested. but show me the towel you used to wipe up the blood and i'll probably puke all over you. weirdest issue ever.
  • i absolutely hate when people have the same name as me.
    • every single other larissa that i know, sucks. and i want to punch them in the jaw. no offense if you know a larissa, but i am by far the best. and coolest. thanks.
    • also, my name was going to be jarissa. thus, jar jar binks. i <3 erin.
  • if food falls on the table, i will not eat it. it doesn't matter if i'm eating at my own table or in a restaurant, i won't do it.
    • also, i am paranoid, like beyond necessary, of dirty dishes. i triple and quadruple check plates, glasses, and silverware before i use it.
  • i have issues with silverware. if i could eat things with my fingers, i would. at my house, i usually just use my fingers. but that is not polite in public.
    • issues:
      • i have to touch silverware before i put it in my mouth. i think for some reason, i think that touching it takes away the bad germs and makes it clean. (i only touch it the first time. after i use it, i'm ok.)
      • i will only use plastic spoons to eat yogurt and macaroni and cheese. i won't eat it with real silverware.
      • i cannot stand the sound of teeth on silverware. it will make me cry.
  • Whenever I am around people who are shorter than me, I always try and make myself shorter so I don't stand over them. I'm not that tall, but I'm self conscious about my height.
    • Also, my work shoes give me like 2 inches so that is even worse. Dislike.
  • In addition to the same name business, I hate when people have the same birthday as I do.
    • Especially when your ex-bf seems to date girls only born on that day.
    • Weird? Yes.
  • Sometimes I brush my teeth 3 or 4 times if I feel like I didn't get them clean enough the first time. I always do this right before the dentist.
dec 28 2009 ∞
mar 27 2010 +
user picture Jamie: So basically you sleep in one teeny tiny are of the bed like a creep with your eyes open smelling your arm that is over your face? haha jk. Also, I run out of shampoo first, so I throw away a LOT of conditioner. Oops. Maybe we can donate to Erin. She will clean out that shit for us. haha. dec 29 2009
user picture larissa: basically just peed my pants. YOU are funny. i don't smell my arm, silly pants, just my hand slash wristies sometimes. but pretty much yeah. i use a LOT of conditioner. i like soft hair. but i should donate it to erin.
user picture Erin: bahahahahaa. i always finish mine at the same time and that would freak me out how do you throw it away! dont you have a non-settling feeling with your life. creeps me out. AND...i pop my jaw not on purpose an average every time i open my mouth so we can probably just get re-constructive surgery together on our deteriorating mouths AND i'm glad you use new towels. it makes me uncomfortable when people dont. dec 30 2009
user picture larissa: i don't know how i don't use them up at the same time!!! i hate it. i do feel bad, but i just can't use one old one and a new one. then for sure they will be up at the same time. and did you read that new thing i put in there? i just don't throw them away. until i clean. then i'm like oops. i have 37 bottles of shampoo that are half used. haha jk not that bad.
user picture Jamie: Dude...Serious. I know what you're saying about the blood thing. When Brittany got a bloody nose at work, blood was ALL over her tie and shirt, and it didn't bother me a bit...but all the bloody napkins sitting on the top of the garbage can made me sick. What's up with that? haha. dec 31 2009
user picture larissa: RYAN, TOO! he got a bloody nose and he just stuffed TP up there and blood was hanging out all over on his clothes. that kinda grossed me out, but i just didn't look. but when i came around the corner and unknowningly ran into a garbage can of bloody whatever. omg. barf. i will tell you a secret about that later. also, i'm not a big fan of seeing blood in the sink. haha?
user picture Erin: i have blood problems. on people too. gross. minus i can deal with my own. have i ever told you i stick tampons up my nose when i get bloody noses. i buy juniors just for that. weird. jarissa. j-binks. that's your drunk name and sometimes when i just want to call you it. hahahaha loooooove it for you. and um...DUUUH you are the coolest larissa. also example this color thing? jan 2 2010
user picture larissa: example color thing, say what? jan 3 2010
user picture Erin: you guys are crazy, by not finishing bottles how do you even do that. and how do you not throw it away instantly upon finishing. yikes. jan 18 2010
user picture larissa: you know how i hate to take out the trash? yeah that is why i don't do it. because then that one bottle will fill up my trash and then i'll be forced to take it out. or wait and my mom will do it. jan 19 2010