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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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Since the previous tenants are dumb ass bitches, even though they're men, and decided to do a crappy job of moving out, I'm venting.

  • First of all, when you shower, there is a reason there is a fan in the bathroom. Also a reason the fan turns on when the light is on. The reason? So mold doesn't freaking grow on the ceiling.
    • So guess who got to clean that up? Ho yeah, me.
  • Second, in any other place I have lived, you are not allowed to just leave things behind. "Hey, I don't want these 33 fish tanks, this box of gadgets, this car window scraper, or this scarecrow. I'll leave them behind because I'm sure the next person will use them." FALSE.
    • If you didn't want your shit, throw it away. I have no use for all those fish tanks or that ugly scarecrow.
  • In any previous house I have lived in, I have always had to clean the carpets before moving out. This time? No. The loser previous tenant didn't clean them. Or vaccuum them.
  • Actually PTLM (previousl tenant loser man) didn't clean anything. It's not ok to leave food in the freezer, and I don't mean boxes of food. I mean 6 corn kernels and a stray tater tot.
  • It's also not ok to leave food residue that dripped down the side of the counter. Or the burned black crap in the stove. There is a cleaning cycle on the stove. Crazy, I know.
  • It's also disgusting that while I was cleaning yesterday, I found about a whole head of hair all over the house. Did you not vacuum or wipe anything down ever?
    • I hate hair, which has caused me to hate you even more PTLM.
  • You have to sometimes clean things like walls, blinds, showers, and oh, Idk, the whole house.
    • I'm not happy about having to clean the mildew in the tiles, or the entire bathroom. I'm not happy that you don't have filters in your vents so I have to buy them. Newspaper is not a filter.
  • Also your crappy attempt at hanging pictures on the walls really should get you a grade A spot in design hell.
    • You need to use a level and a tape measure. Also, when there are already nails in the wall, use them. Don't put new ones in 2 inches away. And if you must, then pull the old ones out and spackle.
    • I have pulled out probably 100 nails from you. That is uncalled for. And I did a terrible spackle job, so I'm really pissed at you now PTLM.
  • Thanks for never telling Mike that the washer was broken. So now he believes that I am lying to him. And since my laundry room has flooded 14534 times and I still don't have a washer, I want to slam your head in the washer door.
  • Thanks for never watering the lawn so we are basically living on a flammable pile of straw.
  • Thanks for never cleaning a single window, floor, wall, or cupboard ever because no matter how many times I wash these things, they never get clean.
  • And thanks for never airing out any closet so that they all smell old, musty, and like your nasty bathroom supplies. I febreeze these things 81414 times a day and they still stink. Hate youuu.
  • Mr. Previous Tenant, I believe that you told me that the downstairs neighbor is super mega quiet and you never hear him. Because no. He always has friends over, and they are always flushing their toilet and they are always loud. And they are always doing laundry and running around outside my bedroom windows. Also, they park in front of my driveway because they assume it's going to be a 5 second stay and it turns into like 3 hours. So, unless you were deaf and or never home, it is not ok to lie about how shitty other tenants are. Ever. Even if your life depends on it.
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