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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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at my old house

  • spilling jager all over my wall during a game of beer pong
  • breaking one of my glasses during said game of beer pong
    • i practically smashed it onto the table. then collapsed in a fit of laughter
  • stealing my upstairs neighbor's fold up table from the garage behind our house for a game of beer pong
    • stealing said table multiple times, during night AND day

things that happened the night i got drunk off a bottle of champagne with ex bff

  • developed a southern accent
  • ordering fast food with sweet, fake, southern accent
  • ex bff hated her blizzard so i attempted to throw it out the window of her car
    • i missed.

things that happened the time jamie and i went out

  • had approximately 300 drinks
  • tried, and failed to do an irish car bomb
  • found a cig on the ground of hooli's
    • jamie put said cig into her mouth
  • left my phone at hooli's
  • climbed around someone's yard trying to "show evan my butt" while he searched for, and called, my phone
  • puked approximately 600 times, twice for every drink, at my house
    • in front of evan and my mom, while they discussed ethiopia
  • puked on my floor

my birthday

  • did a blow job shot
    • from between the leggity legs of a random guy
    • and in front of my very upset bf
  • jumped on a trampoline with jamie, drunk
    • yelled at her for wearing her shoes on the trampoline
    • got hit in the nose/face by jamie's head while we tried to "crack the egg"
  • ran around olive garden's parking lot hugging servers on their smoke breaks
  • dropped my brand new birthday present camera in the fire (it was unharmed)
  • cried for no reason
  • danced to 3oh!3 approximately 100 times

one time after progressive long island night

  • screamed bloody murder all the way home
  • found a crazy asian signing youtube vid
  • jumped on a 12 pack of paper towels, like on the whole thing, crushing them all
  • threw my new wallet at evan
    • i missed.
    • and hit the wall instead. breaking my brand new wallet. =[
  • hung out in cam's room watching youtube and when i tried to leave, thought the vaccuum was my dog and kept calling it to follow me
  • did summersaults and handstands in the yard

another p.l.i./graffiti party night (with jamie, evan, and evan)

  • jamie wrote "this shirt(shit?) is loose" on a girl's shirt
  • i wrote jamie an "i love you" note on a piece of my pay check stub and put it on her car
  • ate a whole margarita thin crust pizza
  • sent jamie a picture of myself.
    • in the bathroom

paulette's birthday party

  • had like 3 washington apple shots at the crystal (so, so strong)
  • walked to some sketch biker bar with jessica falling over herself, refusing to hold my hand, and running into mail boxes
  • stacey ran off towards the old library and evan, being the man that he is, ran off to save her life; leaving me behind.
  • asked lynn if the creep "biker" at the bar could still "get it up" since he was all over paulette and stacey.
    • i also told said "biker" that i was engaged and to not touch me.
  • i took a million pictures of tully doing gymnastics on a light pole.
  • tully made kristin, evan, and i breakfast while kristin and i...
    • ran up the stairs to wake jared up
    • explore their house and creepy, haunted basement
    • kick mattresses down stairs and punch our way through gigantic pieces of plastic wrap
    • threw out all their dirty, expired food
    • sprayed the entire house with febreeze
  • i swept the floor.
    • and did a damn good job, too.
  • kristin did the dishes.
    • but she didn't do that good of a job, i hear.
  • i almost spilled bacon grease, hot bacon grease, all over myself.
  • evan and i walked like 20 blocks back to our car, in the freezing cold, at like 4 am.
  • i ran into my dad who was leaving for work like a crazy at 4 am, and pretty much stumbled down the stairs, slurring my words like a drunk. because i'm awesome.

new years eve 2009

  • hooligans. about 7 drinks and a beer later, i was dancing and screaming in everyone's face.
  • i sang "i'm on a boat" to jamie, with erin and evan.
    • i'm on a boat mother fucker.
    • jamie loves.
  • saw 2 of my ex-boyfriends, conveniently the two that cheated on me. and they just had to talk to me.
    • and pretty sure the one's girlfriend wants to dump my body in the ocean.
  • i also saw my entire class from high school...oh my gosh!
  • sara and leslie told me i have nice titties.
  • had about 5 free jager bombs.
    • me and jager, not good.
  • jamie and i were also groped, by some freak. our evan's need to shape up and protect us.
  • even though i had about 5439 too many shots, and my liver is officially dead, i did not puke. go me.
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user picture Cherry: Ha ha ha ha Great list. And a long list. (I write this drunk after a big night out.) My funniest drunk moment was missing a step in a club and falling onto a guy's back, grabbing a handful of his shirt to stand up, then falling down the next step while everyone watched. Well done. Well done. jan 2 2010
user picture Cherry: PS. Nobody and Jager is good. Jager = bad behaviour. (But I drink it anyway)
user picture larissa: hahaha love. i adore drunken stories. especially the ones about yourself. also, totally agree about jager. worse decisions ever.