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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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Let me just preview this list by saying, I am the worst at finishing a book. I will start it 16 times before actually finishing it. I get bored really easy. So, that is why I am always currently reading 104 books for 334 years.


  • Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. David Sedaris.
  • Happy Birthday, or Whatever. Annie Choi.
    • PS. I also found a terrible misprint and I'm so excited about it. She totally typed out "abouthim" and did not space between the words. Fairly obvious; yet, I still found it.
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day. David Sedaris.
  • Boneman's Daughter. Ted Dekker.
  • She Got Up Off The Couch. Haven Kimmel.
  • Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea. Chelsea Handler.
  • Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. Chelsea Handler.
  • My Horizontal Life. Chelsea Handler.
  • The Glass Castle. Jeanette Walls.
  • The Guardian. Nicholas Sparks.

Currently Reading

  • Keeping Faith. Jodi Picoult.
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nov 28 2010 +
user picture Court: Is David Sedaris good? My best friend just asked me if I read him, so I'm assuming he's popular? What kind of genre does he fit in to? I read My Horizontal Life & it's good, but too much of an easy read. Not too much depth there. jan 13 2010
user picture larissa: He is very good. My friend gave me 2 of his books and I have Me Talk Pretty One Day, but he's excellent. I don't know genres very well so I would not ask me that question. He tells stories of his life, whatever that is.
user picture larissa: I really liked My Horizontal Life and the other 2 Chelsea H. books. I think she is so funny so I don't care that they're easy reads. In fact all my books are easy reads. I'm not into difficult books. I did that in high school and college. Now it's time to enjoy reading. And Chelsea def is enjoyable reading. nov 21 2010
user picture Court: Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I like Chelsea Handler, especially her show it E! or Comedy Central? nov 23 2010
user picture Court: & also you got me interested in The Glass Castle. I think that will be my next read after I'm finished with The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.