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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

larissa follows:
Bliss Jobs (I think would be fabulous/fun to try)
  • Playing drinking Jenga at that random kid's house.
  • Stealing a Jenga piece because we are funny. (Mine says Dicks.) She also stole an eraser.
  • When she locked herself in the bathroom at my house and upon getting out said, "Cute thong." Because I accidentally left my panties just hangin out on my bathroom floor for everyone to view. And this was at like 12 am. After everyone, including boys had already used my bathroom. Bahaha good thing they were cute panties!
  • When Erin kicked that girl in the leg -----WITH HEELS ON----- because that girl was being a beeeeotch.
  • That one time we ate at Out Back and our server was soooooo awkward. And he made Erin show her id twice: once to get alcohol and again to make sure it was her credit card.
  • One time we were at Red Door and we were sitting at the bar next to this machine that served shots of Cuervo Silver. The machine was kind of like those Jager machines that you press a button and bam! there is your chilled Jager. So Erin decided that we needed shots of that tequila, so she starts pressing the button. She poured one shot and the bartenders didn't notice. Then she poured another about 20 minutes later and the bartender snaps his head to us and runs over and starts yelling at us about how he'll kick us out if we touch the machine. Then Logan pipes up about how he is a big, bad boyfriend, or something like that. It was basically the funniest moment of my week.
aug 1 2010 ∞
oct 2 2010 +
user picture Erin: Ahahaha. I love my Jenga block. Why did we steal that? Mine says Beer Wench I believe. aug 2 2010
user picture larissa: Mine says "Dicks." We stole those because you didn't want to clean them up, so we just slid them into their home and for some reason I thought about being a clepto. It was so funny. I seriously could not even get out the door without laughing. Also, Evan was like "You know the first time they play that they'll realize they're missing two pieces and know it was you guys." bahaha so? aug 3 2010
user picture larissa: haha I have "Mine says 'dicks'" two times. Just in case you didn't know. oops
user picture Erin: Yea, AND Logan guys should have stolen one more...then they wouldn't notice. Woops. aug 4 2010
user picture Erin: Wow. Ahahah. <3 oct 3 2010