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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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  • When my cat tried to bite me when I was brushing him, he said, "I'll stick that brush in your butt if you don't behave." To the cat. Not me. It was so funny.
  • My brother was taking his sweet time getting home, so my dad told me to tell him, "If he's got clothes on, tell him to just meet us there." Bahaha and to that my brother said, "No I'm driving around God damn naked course I got clothes on what the hell kinda question is that?"
  • My dad was trying to see if the washer worked, so he needed a hose with a special end on both ends, so he said, "I need a double edge hose. The kind with two females parts."
  • He was digging up my lawn and I handed him a beer and he said, "You're causing me to drink this beer really fast." My dad. Said this. hahahahaha
  • I was talking on the phone to my dad, when all of the sudden he goes, "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! YOU NEED TO GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" I was half way on my way out the door having a heart attack because I thought someone was there with a gun shooting at my family or my grandma had fallen or something. But, no. He was freaking out about the giant hibiscus growing in the garden and wanted me to come see it. Out of control he is.
  • We were trying to install my new dryer when he says to me, in complete seriousness, "Can you read?" Like asking me if I can see the itty bitty writing on this one piece. Yes, dad, I can read. Thanks.
  • My dad makes this tuna loaf delish meal, and one time he was teaching my how to make it and he said to me, "You have to take all the bones out because it makes people mad." hahaha
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user picture Jamie: hahahaha. That last one is hilarious! He's sooooo cute. aug 13 2010