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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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  • "Well I've seen you as a boy before, and you were hot so it's okay." (Laurie S. 4.1.09)
  • "You're missing an 'I love Obama' rally right now, and how stupid the average American know I'm in love..." (Tyler K. 4.2.09)
  • "Remember when L was making a drug deal while we were there? Lol, weird." (Jamie U. 7.7.09)
  • "How did it happen? Were you chewing on Snap's bone?" (My mom. 7.7.09)
    • Clarification: Snap is my dog. Her bone is her rawhide chew, not her... you know. Also, I chipped my tooth. That is what "how did it happen" refers to.
  • "Haha gurlll I wish I could but you know how your girl do. Gots ta go to Yellowstone tomorrow. Leaving at 5." (Jamie U. 7.11.09)
  • "Wow, ok. First...haha I caught you pausing!! Second. Yeah I met Brian (Brian Urlacher, they're cousins. NBD.) once at a family reunion when we were kids and he was very far away from a pro player so it's not that cool. He's a bad cousin because I can't communicate with him and he won't pay my way through college." (Jamie U. 11.8.09)
  • "I want a dirty Southern one." (Kim A. 11.17.09)
  • "Wow okay. I an trashe and I its roule. I hrs you! Wish you were here. When tip procres and to strober were going :-)" (Jamie U. 11.1.09 word-for-word)
  • "I'm sorry cause. Know I had typo. :) Promised you drov text." (Jamie U. 11.1.09)
  • "Mis you!-" (Jamie U. 11.1.09)
  • "Just trim up the beard and you should be fine there." (Jamie U. 11.15.09)
  • "...I'm going to pretend I did not read that because it made zero sense. But ok. I'm going to decipher as 10 min. I will wait awkwardly in my vehicular." (Erin F. 12.27.09)
  • "K. I'm gonna figure out where to park and then come in. Where are you, the back? Or will you just come get me bahahaha. I'm 2." (Erin F. 12.31.09)
  • "I'm walking! I am gonna go in the front door because I don't get back doors." (Erin F. 12.31.09)
  • ".....Ask her bff Lynn....." (Jamie U. 1.24.10)
  • "That's why we are BFF's. Erin texted me and said...I see your friend Tori. And I said I wish you were here so you could see your friend Jamie. And she said, What? I'm Erin. So I think she must be drunk, too." (Jamie U. 1.28.10)
  • "You better lock that bitch. The text is a bitch. You know what I'm saying." (Jamie U. 1.28.10)
  • "So Ericka is here to expo and she looks like shit. Really bad. And Ron is giving her a really hard time. It's funny. He also asked me if I have heard of Pikachu and I said yes and he said Ericka is a Skankachu..." (Jamie U. 1.31.10)
  • "Ok so last night he told our friend Kelsi cute. Oh man I miss you loverbuns." (Erin F. 1.31.10)
  • "I'm so happy that I'm not one of those people you look at and walk away wondering...was that a boy or girl?" (Jamie U. 2.5.10)
  • "She's dumb and it brings out the Chelsea Lately in me." (Evan C. 2.14.10)
  • "Agreed. She's turning 21 soon and wants to be a skank bank but nobody is gonna deposit their funds at that establishment." (Evan C. 2.14.10) (Yes, that came out of the mouth/hands/mind? of my bf. Love.)
  • "Oh, like Jamie is VIP toileting? Good." (Erin F. 2.20.10)
  • "Is nautie whig josh. Sorry mat with josh." (Me 3.13.10)
  • "Good. Is he and evan ok. Tell him i tried ito sky hi and what not ate he yr exor running wyaway." (Me. Oh good Lord. 3.13.10 Those killer sharks were strongg)
  • ". Know up two a o but twou ate a one bounces at hi west h bikings mtazurslo antho cousin ha" (Me. To my cousin. Trying to tell him he looked like a bouncer at the West. Again with the killer sharks. 4.3.10)
  • "Oh my gosh. I do not want to see beefy guys in panties with their junk in my face. No thanks. That will not happen. Promise one hundred percent." (Jamie. 3.31.10)
  • "Wakey wakey eggs and MOTHER FUCKING BAKEY!" (Nick. 3.28.10)
  • "Tulllu hjere dating cunt hate." (Erin. 3.25.10)
  • "I love you and I want to blow this place sky high." (Evan. 3.19.10)
  • "Maybe I will get my ear pierced and cut my hair and get a tattoo tomorrow and really live life on the edge!! Haha jk. Kinda." (Jamie U. 2.25.10)
  • "Hahahahaha her titties aren't like your riss mc titties." (Erin F. 3.12.10)
  • "Yo can see the white curdled arm." (Me to Erin. 5.2.10)
  • "Thank you for not being a lesbian." (Me to Erin. 5.2.10)
  • "I feel like there are a lot of lesbos in this bar." (Britta 5.2.10)
  • "Hey Tits! Have a great 22nd birthday!!!!" (Dustan D. 5.2.10)
  • "Can I still send you really long texts?" (Jamie U. 4.21.10)
    • "Yep. I just can't long text you back =[" (Me. 4.21.10)
    • "Sad." (Jamie U. 4.21.10)
    • "Don't worry. It won't hinder our relat." (Me. 4.21.10)
    • "Better not. Or I'll sue BlackBerry." (Jamie U. 4.21.10)
  • "Okay. I was drinking a drink and. Our specibly and evan said that just water! Thank God cause im thirty cause he thought it was water cause i thought it was vodka lem. Our usual. so anyway asked Brandon to taste and he arid it was straight lemonade. You following? hahahahha" (Jamie U. 5.22.10)
  • "Dude she can't fuckin drive the straihts she turns on the straights. U don't fuckin turn on the straights. Ever. Even in north dakota." (Nick P. 5.21.10)
  • "she should seriously never ever drive. anywhere. for any reason. ever. and where the hell did she learn to drive i want to know so i can punch those people in the face for giving her license." (Nick P. 5.21.10)
  • "True that! That's how I feel bout my distant wyoming relatives. Should have jumped on the billings boat and maybe we could be friends." (Jamie U. 5.11.10)
  • "WHAT. Oh. Nevermind I knew that. It's Tammy....And her friendly full of personality really good worker good at keeping the alley clean and stocked Tammy. Awesome." (Jamie U. 5.10.10)
  • "Never go shopping with mom and dad at the same time." (Nick P. 5.8.10)
  • "I want to buy a hedgehog." (Me to my dad, sometime last year.)
    • "Don't you have one? And isn't its name Snap?" (My dad in response.)
  • "Holy Moley. Me and Steve are about to have a 'Come to Jesus' meeting." Evan 5.28
    • "Ok, dad." Me
    • "I'm trying to be more like your dad: beard, word usage, etc." Evan
  • "I'm already here, loser." Nick 5.28
  • "You know people are doin good when they got metal hair." Nick 2.6
  • "I thought we banned them from doin halftime since Janet showed her tit." Nick 2.6
jan 28 2010 ∞
may 29 2011 +
user picture Jamie: laughing out loud. hahahaha! <3 jan 29 2010
user picture Cherry: Heh heh heh Who is Snap? And does you Mom know how that sounds???? jan 30 2010
user picture larissa: Haha, I didn't realize it until you pointed it out. And I have a dirty mind...haha Snap is my dog. The whole story is that I noticed that one of my teeth was chipped. And I told her and she asked if I had been chewing on Snap (my dog) 's bone. It was funny. Taken out of context...hahha oops. jan 31 2010
user picture Cherry: Classic. My phone is filled with all the hilarious (and mostly drunken) texts my friends send me. Can't bear to delete them so I save them. The folder is too huge! jan 30 2010
user picture larissa: I can't delete these either. Always a good mood lifter. jan 31 2010
user picture Erin: yea. ok. i know half my texts dont make sense. the last one. i was gone. i was shooting for he was telling my friend kelsi i was cute...and then i think i just gave up on that...and i seem to always call you loverbuns. also the texts to jamie that night. woops. i was again lost.
user picture larissa: Your texts are so funny though. I decipher them usually ok, except I maybe thought he was calling her cute. Same diff. "I just gave up on that." Bahaha
user picture Erin: yea. no. he knows kelsi and he told kelsi that. and i was trying to get that message to you. but...all i remember is all of us standing there...and i'm trying to type these and i'd just look around and be like can you remind me to text larissa later? and then another thing i remember is whatshisbutt saying. actually you probably shouldn't...i was a solid wreck. oh the stories i must tell you.
user picture larissa: what's his butt = chip? um, shut up, you can text me always. i love solid wrecks. ko? alllso, yeah live stories. come home soon. or i'll come visit. somethinggg.
user picture Erin: yes. i think it was because of the topic of convo. uh huh. thats it. hahaha. i need to come back. probably soon. sheesh.
user picture larissa: topic? about him? me? wedding? him thinking you're cute? yeah because he has a girlfriend? probably. i like how we're having a convo on this. we're cool. =]
user picture Erin: better than me trying to have this convo with you hammered. yes. i should tell you exactly how it went. wait. not here. hold on. seriously. hilarious.