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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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  • my rotator cuff.
    • by diving for a volley ball in front of like 15 high school volleyball players slash trying to teach them how to not be lazy. fail.
  • my 2002 honda.
    • by not realizing there was ice on the bridge slash ignoring a call from my manager and plowing into the guard rail. then getting smashed into from behind. (that sounds so dirty....)
  • my favorite picture frame with the most amazing pictures from the philippines.
    • by shutting my sock drawer.
  • my second cell phone.
    • i was mad at the TV so i threw it. bahahaha
  • these sweet champagne glasses that laurie got me.
    • by opening a bottle of champagne.
  • my brother's head.
    • nah, actually i didn't really do that. he says i did. but we all know i didn't. HE ran into the tractor. he was in north dakota, i was in billings. didn't do it. but it's fun to pretend i did.
  • not the phone i have now, and not the phone before it, but the phone before that one.
    • by opening and closing it really fast a lot. because it made a cool noise. it was not that sturdy.
  • my tooth.
    • because i grind my teeth at night. NOT by chewing on snap's bone like my mom thinks.
  • my computer. not my brand new mac, don't worry. the one i had before this one.
    • by dropping it off my bed, like 5 feet off the ground. yeah, bad news bears.
  • my car.
    • i actually didn't do it this time. but i want to put it on here anyway. because it's currently broken. because evan needs to learn how to: BACK OUT OF A DRIVEWAY.
    • but basically he backed out of my driveway and turned too fast so he scraped the front bumper on the rear bumper of my dad's truck. good thing his truck is stainless steel. my car is still not fixed =[
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user picture Jamie: I broke a phone once that exact same way!! But i flipped it open and closed a lot because I like the way it felt. hahah. silly. nov 11 2009