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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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Elaine autobio (My Bucket List)
  • Playing "Who's that?!" with my puppies in the parking lot of a store.
    • While Evan runs inside for something. I don't just go and do that for fun...
  • When Evan surprises me with coffee before class.
  • My Beauty and the Beast folder that I use for COMT 230.
    • Hi, I'm in college and yes this folder is from first grade. Pack rat.
  • Crossing things off my to-do list.
    • Like finding a DJ. Check.
  • Rearranging my room.
  • Finding a misspelling or grammatical error in a book, magazine, syllabus, etc; which I am surprisingly good at.
  • Finding a movie goof; again, I am surprisingly good.
  • Making a call in a movie, book, show, etc, and that "call" actually happening.
    • This, I absolutely suck at. You could throw the same movie at me and change around the characters and I would still be baffled when it turns out the same as every other romance, scary, funny, epic, [insert genre here] movie ever made.
  • Finding a tea bag in my purse or backpack when I think I am all out.
  • Finding money in my work book. Especially a work book that has been under my bed, and not used, for months. And especially when it consists of big bills.
  • When Evan stops what he is doing, which is usually playing with the dogs or on the WII and comes to lay down with me. Happy. <3
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