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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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Bliss Jobs (I think would be fabulous/fun to try)
listography FAQ
Elaine autobio (My Bucket List)
  • Get a hair cut.
  • Dye my hair.
  • Paint.
  • Create.
  • Write speech.
  • Contact Arbonne lady.
  • Find a new job.
  • Marriage license.
  • New passport.
    • A. This blows. Now all my old stamps will be gone. =[
    • B. This costs 95 dollars. Plus they try and talk you into getting a passport card, which is a glorified drivers license that let's you enter the US from sea or land ports. And costs like 60 dollars extra. Nope.
  • New drivers license.
  • Bank sitch.
  • Order new checks.
  • Buy dress.
  • Take money to the bank and pay EPC.
  • Check out extensions.
  • Get another hair cut.
feb 9 2010 ∞
may 14 2010 +
user picture Erin: @ FIRST I thought this said...airborne? idk. I was like. Huh. Weird. Lawsuit much. THAT SHIT DOES WONDERS. feb 9 2010
user picture larissa: I hate that it thinks some posts need to be posted twice. Once will suffice. I rhyme. Ok, the first time I read this, I thought it said, "That shit does wonder." And I thought you were talking about how Arbonne and Airborn have kinda the same name and so one was probably suing the other over that. Nope, missed the "s." Apparently we need to have our eyes checked.
user picture Jamie: Paint....Jamie a picture to hang on her really ugly colored walls. =) Yup. feb 13 2010
user picture larissa: Tomorrow afternoon, on it. Promise.
user picture Jamie: I loveeeeeee it <321 thank you sooo much!! feb 17 2010