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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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  • Sometimes I get the urge to bite things.
    • I would make a great vampire.
  • Things I like to bite:
    • People. (Mainly Evan.)
    • Nerf.
    • Anything squishy.
    • The silicon case for my phone.
    • The covers for the Wii-motes.
  • I once had the urge to pop the zit on my managers neck. It was a big one.
  • On season 3 of 24, the Season Finale, when Jack Bauer throws the very, very deadly virus in the fridge and it explodes, yeah, I would have the urge to open the fridge.
  • To spin the wheel at Santa Fe Red's that specifically said, "Do Not Spin."
  • Anyone who talks about playing Call of Duty, I want to ask if they play online with my brother. Whether they know him or not. But I usually just do because I think it's funny. It's not.
  • I like to find hairs that don't belong and pluck them. And the random gray hairs that Evan has; yep, those ones, too.
  • When people don't stop at a yellow slash red light and so it is green on my end but I can't go because some jack ass is running their red light. When that happens I have the urge to gun it and run them over. Always.
  • When someone pisses me off I always have the urge to delete them off my Facebook. Sometimes I actually do it, sometimes I don't.
  • You know those dishwasher soap things, the ones that are like half powder, half liquid? And they are like encased in a bubble? Yeah I want to pop those. I always squeeze them, probably a little bit to hard. One day I'm going to go blind from dish soap to the eye.
  • K, so my parents live in an igloo, and I have to have a space heater in my room because I could die otherwise. Said space heater is not touchy-feely and so if you accidentally tip it, it honks. It's more like a growl, but it's rather unnerving if you're used to being able to move things freely. So, whenever I see a space heater, I have the urge to tip it. Just to see if it'll bark at me.
  • Whenever my hair gets to this length, which is approx 4 or 5 inches past my shoulders, I always have the urge to cut it off. It's because it's at its awkward phase and I don't know what to do with it. It also takes 30 minutes to fix, which is 29:30 too long if you ask me.
  • The other day, I saw this kid with cauliflower ear. Except his ears weren't so cauliflower-y, they were more like filled with blood and infection in the part of your ear that goes in. Yeah, his went out. -> the second one. Anyway. So he had that, but not as bad, and in both ears. Gross! And I had the urge to take an exacto knife to his ears and drain the blood and whatever else gets caught all up in there and makes it like that.
jan 10 2010 ∞
oct 1 2010 +
user picture Jamie: OH MY GOSH! I saw this zit and I was like...holy cow, that would be fun to pop. no joke. Evan let's me pop his occasional back zit. He also gets random long back hairs that I bet much enjoyment out of plucking. jan 10 2010
user picture Jamie: Get not Bet. Also, manager popped the zit and it looked really bad today. ha
user picture larissa: Was it G's zit or was it a different one? I noticed today he popped it. I have never popped any one else's zits, besides my own. But I'm real glad you take pleasure in it, too. I also like to pluck hairs. I'll add it.
user picture larissa: I am blind or something because I did not read your 2nd comment when I wrote my reply. Only the first. I noticed he popped it, too, and I informed Evan. Who just rolled his eyes. I'm so glad we notice the exact same things!
user picture Cherry: ha ha ha ha... love your work. Hilarious. When I'm falling asleep I have this weird sensation that I'm biting something squishy (which I'm not). We're all a little odd sometimes :)
user picture larissa: haha thanks =]
user picture Jamie: bahahaha jan 11 2010