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I will crawl, there's things that are worth giving up I know; but I won't let this get me, I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside. Somedays all I do is watch the sky.

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  • when sharon shouted across the alley at me, "did your mom's purse get stolen when she was attacked? I MEAN STABBED? WHEN SHE WAS STABBED!?"
    • ok let's let the whole world know. bitch.
    • and she was comparing my mom's attempted murder attack to her car getting broken into and her purse getting stolen. NOT THE SAME THING. especially since he didn't take my mom's purse.
  • when tully told me that the reason i was crying was dumb.
    • first of all, you made me cry. so you called yourself dumb. i win.
    • second, i hear you have a little dick.
  • my rudey rude table getting mad that i wouldn't let their 2 year old drink out of a wine glass so they left me a note on their credit card slip that said many rude and mean things, including: "maybe you should do something with your hair."
    • i like my hair, thank you.
  • in 4th grade, this girl, mallory, called me a "stupid retard." it was lame, and dumb. but it hurt so bad i hated her. and she forced my best friend julia to not like me.
  • when i was a freshman in high school, sam honeyman asked if i wanted to "pleasure his rod" later on. he was in love with me, but let me tell you, that is not the way to my heart.
    • he also did this in front of his bf's (the cool upperclassmen) and my friends. totally mortified.
  • aforementioned sam also told my old crush, scott, who was in college when i was in highschool, that i was telling everyone we were dating.
    • i never said that. to anyone.
    • scott hated me until last year for that.
  • Mr. Douche cook, Alex, said, "Hey Larissa, what finishing school did you go to?" "Uh, what's a finishing school?" "Like did your parents have a lot of money and send you to a fancy private school?" "No, I went to..." "Because you're rude and snotty, so I was just wondering."
    • Fuck you. FUCK YOU. I am not rude and I am not snotty. If you want me to be a snot, a bitch, and be rude to you, then please, please say that again.
    • Also, like 5 minutes later he said, "I was just kidding, I didn't even know what money was til like 5 minutes ago."
    • If I could have smashed his face into the grill, I would have.
  • "Evan should give you one-a-days to keep you in line." = Evan should beat you. FUCK you Tully. You don't know my life. Men who beat, or even joke about beating women should automatically be castrated and allowed to bleed out. POS.
  • Basically "you're a bitch. Evan deserves better than you. Your marriage will end in divorce because of you." But this was said to my bff who told me, duh, so why did fuckingtully (who is no longer allowed to have a caps name and from henceforth will be known as fuckingtully. It's been added to my dictionary.) Now let's discuss this one. I'm not a bitch. You're a douche. Evan deserves better than me? Wow. Let me just ask where you get off giving me relationship advice when all you do is sleep with girls? How is that a relationship? Apparently it gives you authority to make calls on my relationship. And divorce? Well, thanks. Actually, now that you doubt me, I'll fucking prove you wrong. And I can stay in a relationship for 9 trillion reasons other than that. So don't think I'm marrying Evan to get back at you. Because you are not the center of this world. Even though I wish you'd go there and die.
  • "Your gold dog is way cuter than the little white one."-Snooty next door neighbor lady.
    • How would you feel if I came up to you and said, "Your boy child is cuter than your girl child." (Because he is.)
    • Upset? Yeah. Then keep your comments to yourself. My little white dog is adorable and perfect and I love her. Just like I'm sure you love your ugly daughter.
dec 2 2009 ∞
apr 20 2010 +
user picture Britta Boo: I can't believe Sharon said that to you. She is a word that rhymes with ditch. And your comments under Tully made me laugh, really hard. Also, you have cute hair. And your not a stupid retard. dec 2 2009
user picture larissa: i know. i couldn't believe it either. i was speechless for about 30 seconds. like, why would you say that? no tact. she is definitely a rhymes with ditch. and those comments are true! haha =] and thanks. i loveeeeeee a lava lava you. dec 3 2009
user picture Erin: I hate you know who. dec 14 2009
user picture larissa: agreed.
user picture Jamie: Who said they hate you??? =( feb 27 2010
user picture Jamie: Larissa, I'm sooo sorry.
user picture larissa: Jamie I LOVE YOUUU. <3 <3 <3 feb 28 2010
user picture Jamie: that last line is poetic. "you are not the center of this world. even though I wish you'd go there and die." Perfect. I loveee you. Seriously, eff him. mar 31 2010
user picture larissa: Hahahaaaa. apr 1 2010
user picture Jamie: Oh my gosh. Rude. Snap is beautiful. (Except when she has the back of your work shoes stuck in her underbite). ;) apr 20 2010
user picture larissa: AW!!! =] You're so nice. It's really why we're friends =]] apr 21 2010