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pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year. copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about. ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ↪ start date: 01 january 2020

⊹ . ∘ july ∘ . ⊹

  • 07/18note to self: so my life is a nightmare and i'm just going to use this as moderately important/eventful things happen bc otherwise this list will be detrimentally depressing at the end of the year lol

⊹ . ∘ june ∘ . ⊹

  • 06/12shroom trip finally, spiritual recognition?, sword and the stone, cheesy hashbrowns, daisy
  • 06/24 ┊ well, i had a warrant bc i forgot to go to court for my ticket lol

⊹ . ∘ may ∘ . ⊹

  • 05/01back to normal, work, grocery shopping, payday!, exhausted
  • 05/02 ┊ grocery shopping part 2 lol, astrology notes, will kristen finally be fired?, leg pains, car mod plans
  • 05/25 ┊ i had a good run with keeping up with this list until my dad died and i can't get back into it lol

⊹ . ∘ april ∘ . ⊹

  • 04/01-04/15 ┊ literally all i do is work, come home and go to sleep, and quarantine on my days off. this is 2020 lol
  • 04/16work, baked spaghetti, phone call w kaleb, this covid shit is making me feel like i'm in the twilight zone, it's almost my birthday

⊹ . ∘ march ∘ . ⊹

  • 03/01marco's pizza, i'm gonna sleep awful tonight, lazy sunday, thunderstorm, law and order: svu
  • 03/02 ┊ long fucking day, i need a vacation, mexican stuffed shells, sold tv, early sleep
  • 03/03 ┊ new puppies at work, sonia bought chickfila, reese's overload blast, nashville tornado, migraine
  • 03/04 ┊ added extra day friday, dog got out at work, super behind, manic, thank god i'm off tmrw
  • 03/05 ┊ off day, nauseated and dizzy, overall miserable, strawberry limeade, i can't sleep
  • 03/06i go to work for her to tell me she forgot to tell me i don't have to work today :), got stoned and slept the day away, cinnasnacks, french vanilla iced coffee, have i said i need a vacation this month?
  • 03/07-03/16 ┊ corona virus pandemic, work, eat, sleep, repeat, this shit is way too much
  • 03/17 ┊ dad died, heartbroken, confused, what is even going on with my life?
  • 03/18-03/29 ┊ this has been the most surreal past almost 2 weeks idk what to do w myself, trying to get back to normal and it seems impossible

⊹ . ∘ february ∘ . ⊹

  • 02/01got a job!, got taxes fixed, overwhelmed in a good way, my least favorite month, best mood i've been in since idek
  • 02/02 ┊ groceries, punk shit, no more recliner sleeping, why the fuck am i breaking out, april weather
  • 02/03 ┊ first day, bojack horeseman, i can finally smoke again, shrimp alfredo, opened chime account
  • 02/04 ┊ my legs are on fire, five guys, never enough, will i ever be able to move?, mentally rough day
  • 02/05catching up on sleep, rainy day, looking for a new mattress, trying to move on, reading slump
  • 02/06 ┊ pizza night, it's freezing & possible snow later, positive positive positive, fuck k, conspiracy theory type of day
  • 02/07 ┊ will i get used to 10 hour shifts?, potato soup, snowy and cold, should i adopt a puppy from work?, sleepin early
  • 02/08 ┊ late start, kelly finally left, salted caramel milky ways, i'm fucking sore, betterish mood
  • 02/09 ┊ national pizza day, day off, wtf was deadcon lmao, neighbors fixed their fence, calling for more rain
  • 02/10 ┊ i fucked up, computer clean up, new bank account, sick of being cold, ready for spring
  • 02/11chicken & rice casserole, tidying up, up and down day :(, new obsession with office ladies podcast, blocked k lol
  • 02/12 ┊ payroll papers, perfect reading weather, caffeine withdrawals, i really should've done laundry, google doc tbr
  • 02/13 ┊ long work day, shrimp alfredo, weenie dogs!!!, finessing k for his hendrix jacket, battery for key fob
  • 02/14 ┊ feels good to have $$ again, brownies, valentine's day, dad's friend got me flowers & a candle :), laundry
  • 02/15 ┊ i am fucking sore, they already cut my hours back lol, iced honey bun, depression nap, lemon lime gatorade
  • 02/16lazy sunday, tusk convo, i slept 13 hours and feel like shit, kelly brought me a mcgriddle lol, uneventful day
  • 02/17 ┊ leftovers, laundry, kelly has become my new best friend, bruised from ramsey, jb's new album isn't the worst lol
  • 02/18 ┊ hopeless, end of my rope, why?, just want to get it over with, depression is going to eat me alive
  • 02/19 ┊ work, free lunch!, my tax refund came back almost half of what they said, started another book, exhausted
  • 02/20 ┊ unmotivated, minimal cleaning, totchos, peach spite w/ cherries is phenomenal, one day at a time
  • 02/21called into work, spaghetti, sick and tired of being sick and tired, grocery pick up, early sleep
  • 02/22 ┊ got new rescues at work, fucking freezing out, stressed out, manic, gas costs too damn much
  • 02/23 ┊ can today just not happen?, 530am, falling asleep to podcasts, my sleeping schedule is fucked on my days off, blah
  • 02/24 ┊ still blah, looking for another pt job, twizzlers, danny lopriore, reading
  • 02/25 ┊ mini grocery trip, chicken sandwiches, stole bud from dad lol, paid some bills, emotionally exhausted
  • 02/26long day, new puppies at work, vegetable soup w grilled cheese, dad's surgery, smoke night
  • 02/27 ┊ laundry, possible interview?, frozen grape gatorade, anti-mlm rabbit hole, migraine
  • 02/28 ┊ lazy day, reese's blast, perfect weather, picking up extra shifts next week, thigh pains
  • 02/29 ┊ working saturdays goes by either quickly or slowly nothing in between, chicken quesadillas, it's that time of year where it's cold in the morning and hot by afternoon, leap year, slightly nostalgic

⊹ . ∘ january ∘ . ⊹

  • 01/01 ┊ taters, lyldoll, cleaning, cold, christmas is over amen
  • 01/02 ┊ miss my best friend, rainy day, snapped, grilled cheese & tomato soup
  • 01/03 ┊ dad's birthday, live pd, filled out a million job apps, resisting temptation to text m successful, manic :/
  • 01/04 ┊ am i getting the flu?, brownies, migraine, australia has been on fire for months, overall lazy day
  • 01/05 ┊ it's 60 degrees in january why, kaleb, considering selling my soul, unmotivated, over the year already
  • 01/06 ┊ nvm fuck kaleb lol, trying to stay positive, amazing weather day 2, less phone time, sprite w peach
  • 01/07grocery shopping, trying to cut out soda, caffeine headache lol, back and forth weather, bojack
  • 01/08the circle, snap, weird feeling today, annoyed bc my dad hasn't messed me back, still confused on why it's like 70 degrees in fucking january
  • 01/09 ┊ chili, uneventful, i have got to find a fucking job, why do i set alarms when i just hit snooze for two hours?, my grandmother has watched nothing but family feud
  • 01/10lewis capaldi, in my feelings, homemade chicken noodle soup, rainy, acid search
  • 01/11 ┊ big mouth, my life is a fucked up mess, andrew, let 2020 be better than this, i prevail
  • 01/12 ┊ freezing, the amity affliction, tattoo plans, i miss my mom, hopeful
  • 01/13twitch, lewis capaldi, podcast day, i wish there were more big mouth seasons, meh
  • 01/14 ┊ fucked up sleeping schedule, i feel weird my stepdad is dating someone now that my mom is dead, manic, stupid A trying to stir the pot w me & J, i can't believe i've actually kept up w this for two weeks
  • 01/15 ┊ ear infection yay, american psycho, grocery shopping, jaytekz, deleted mason's number
  • 01/16sonic, cat got stuck in the tree, why do we want what we can't have?, i need new music, i wish it would rain again
  • 01/17 ┊ more groceries, lewis capaldi (again), 3 weeks, blue bunny pb ice cream, k messaging me has fucked me up mentally go away
  • 01/18the fucking tea was spilled today, cleaned carpets, grape huff n puff is fire, lots of thinking, freezing
  • 01/19 ┊ computer clean up, briefly lost my bank card, mgk, debating on robbing a bank, kaleb
  • 01/20 ┊ k said he'd be my wingman lol, called for records, potato soup, feeling weird, i wonder when s is coming home
  • 01/21depression nap, banana raisin bran, overwhelmed, possible interview!!, how am i gonna woo mike
  • 01/22 ┊ magnum p.i., acid search still, compiling resources for notes, i prevail, neapolitan ice cream
  • 01/23 ┊ my best friend comes home next week!!!!, interview tuesday, tamale pie, weird dreams, 1 month sober from coke
  • 01/24 ┊ few groceries, redownloaded dating app lol, khalid, live pd, feel like wasting some money
  • 01/25saw k, i've got to get a new tire, v weird mood, fluffernutter sandwich, did i say i was in a weird mood already?
  • 01/26 ┊ reading slump, svu marathon, regaining my composure from yesterday, tomorrow!!!!, nipple piercing appt?
  • 01/27 ┊ mentally exhausted, catching up on podcasts, barbecue, keep warning britt, amazing weather
  • 01/28 ┊ filed taxes, bailed on plans, another manic day, grilled cheese, rainy night
  • 01/29hung out w k, day drinking, emotional roller coaster, golden girls, santagato slam poetry
  • 01/30 ┊ father's outta jail, flat tire, sold my tv, lost 3 lbs, january is really the longest fucking month bro
  • 01/31 ┊ they fucked up my taxes, pizza casserole, shitty day, 1312, last of bojack :(
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