• peanut butter cups
  • red licorice
  • violet pastilles
  • Godiva dark chocolates
  • candy canes
  • sour straws
  • rock candy
  • tootsie pops
  • kit kats
  • any form of chocolate mints
  • Trader Joe's Jelly Beans
  • Haribo Gummi Bears
  • Perugina Baci hazelnut chocolates
  • Hershey's Kisses
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs and Cream Eggs
  • rum cordials
  • Bubble Yum (do they still even make it?)
aug 30 2010 ∞
aug 30 2010 +
user picture Jane: I'm in the US but I find a lot of imported goodies at places like World Market. Violet Pastilles are by a French company called Abbaye de Flavigny and come in little tins but there are also American-made C. Howard's Violet candies which are tricky to find but fantastic: http://www.chowardcompany.com/ aug 31 2010
user picture Monte : I love Violet Pastilles and anything chocolate mint. I gourge on it. sep 5 2010
user picture Jane: Chocolate + Mint = food of the gods! sep 6 2010