• baking bread
  • outdoors after a rainstorm
  • fresh basil leaves
  • earl grey tea
  • walking into (or even just past) a Lush shop
  • pine needles
  • gingerbread
  • candy canes and starlight mints
  • dried lavender
  • tomato plant leaves
  • hyacinths
  • melted chocolate
  • my grandmother's cologne
  • masala tea
  • Cathedral incense
  • ripe mangoes
  • clean clothes
  • apples and cinnamon (in any form)
  • garden dirt, the scent of the earth
  • pineapple and coconut
  • sauteing garlic and onions
  • bubble gum
  • cotton candy
  • lemongrass soap
  • clean, unpolluted air
  • curry cooking on the stove
  • BPAL's White Rabbit, Snake Oil, Antique Lace, and Velvet perfume oils
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user picture Monte : I created a scents list without knowing you had one. I don't want to seem like I copped off, yours is so much lovelier anyway. sep 9 2010
user picture Jane: Don't worry about it; there is no copyright on list ideas! In fact, I got the idea from someone else!