• A crisp chill to the air
  • An abundance of fresh apples
  • The kaleidoscope of changing leaves
  • dry, crunchy leaves underfoot
  • The light smell of woodsmoke in the air
  • The smell of clear autumn nights
  • The sound of migrating birds overhead
  • Harvest festivals
  • Apple cider
  • Pastries made from pumpkins and apples
  • Wearing warm sweaters and tights
  • Wearing lovely new jackets and gloves
  • The start of new seasons of Glee and Fringe
  • The much-rumored (and confirmed to be happening) "Rocky Horror Picture Show" episode of Glee
  • Going to a corn maze and getting hopelessly lost
  • Coming up with a clever Halloween costume
  • The weather being cool enough to bake bread
  • Driving/walking though the countryside and marveling at the colorful leaves
  • Drinking tea and staring out the window on rainy days
  • The golden, syrupy quality of the light in the afternoons
sep 11 2010 ∞
sep 11 2010 +
user picture lindsay: i adore this list, and i am also looking forward to most of these things! : ) sep 11 2010
user picture Jane: Thanks! I saw that many of the lovely people I follow were making autumn lists and I couldn't resist making one as well. sep 12 2010