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It's been 21 years since I first got taken off of my home planet. ;D
Hi, I'm Alexandra, but most people call me ...other things.
I was gonna tell you about myself here, but that's kinda what this whole page is about.

i generally type properly.
when i make lists i don't wanna. my lists will vary in capitalization sometimes.

i'm happier than i used to be, but still looking for enlightenme...

alex&ra follows:
Clara clothes (I have made for myself)
Jess Music (Bands I Want To See)
Music (Bands I've seen)
Music (Upcoming Concerts)
tinypassionfl... to buy (papu)

besides the obvious.

  • the taste of beer.
  • the texture of pineapple
  • cranberry juice
  • milk that's anything but fat free
  • most meats
  • spiders
  • realiTV

when people/people that...

  • say "maybe" a lot when asked yes or no questions
  • tell me to be quiet
  • don't know the difference between your/you're, and to/too
  • are republican/conservative
  • smack their lips while eating
  • are famous for no reason/even though they're talentless
  • think modeling takes talent/is a good idea/is not harmful/are models
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