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It's been 21 years since I first got taken off of my home planet. ;D
Hi, I'm Alexandra, but most people call me ...other things.
I was gonna tell you about myself here, but that's kinda what this whole page is about.

i generally type properly.
when i make lists i don't wanna. my lists will vary in capitalization sometimes.

i'm happier than i used to be, but still looking for enlightenme...

alex&ra follows:
Clara clothes (I have made for myself)
Jess Music (Upcoming Concerts)
Music (Bands I've seen)
Music (Concert Memorobilia )
vera to do (next)
  • a*teens
    • amit paul
    • dhani lennevald
    • marie serneholt
    • sara lumholdt
  • adam snyder (pro football player, my cousin's best friend)
  • charlotte diamond (musician)
  • chez starbuck (actor)
  • chris burney (musician, bowling for soup)
  • christian hebel (musician)
  • elisa gabrielli (actress)
  • frank warren (postsecret)
  • good charlotte (2/5)
    • dean butterworth
    • paul thomas
  • greg kihn (musician)
  • gregg rolie (musician)
  • hank green (musician, vlogger)
  • jennie garth (actress)
  • john green (author, vlogger)
  • journey
    • deen castronovo
    • jonathan cain
    • neal schon
    • ross valory
    • steve augeri
  • j.t. snow (former sf giant)
  • lalaine (actress)
  • lance niekro (former sf giant)
  • mc lars (musician)
  • mike miller (lmnt)
  • peter facinelli (actor)
  • the relay company
    • adam mariucci
    • jake pooser
    • stephen mariucci
  • r.l. stine (author)
  • rosemary wells (author)

others. o.o & this is longer than i thought.

aug 11 2012 ∞
apr 22 2013 +
user picture honeybee: My inner ten year old has to ask -- what was R L Stine like? aug 11 2012
user picture alex&ra: :D Well, now I realize that he's pretty normal (he reads every tweet people tag him in on Twitter, and replies to a lot of them, which is sweet), but back then, in the bookstore (though maybe it was an act) he acted like he was in one of his books. He was creeeeeepy! In a good way, though. aug 12 2012
user picture honeybee: Ah, so cool! I'd love to meet him, creepy or otherwise :D I might just have to tweet him too, ha ha.