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It's been 21 years since I first got taken off of my home planet. ;D
Hi, I'm Alexandra, but most people call me ...other things.
I was gonna tell you about myself here, but that's kinda what this whole page is about.

i generally type properly.
when i make lists i don't wanna. my lists will vary in capitalization sometimes.

i'm happier than i used to be, but still looking for enlightenme...

Rubab notes (Types of Energy I Want to Embody)
vera to do (shopping)
to do (next)
educational (degrees I would take if it was my job to take degrees)
to do (quarantine/summer projects)
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  • that you are NEVER alone, and there is ALWAYS someone who cares, even if they don't know you
  • a lot of people love to help and are willing to try
  • animals exist
    • and they're pretty good at cuddling
    • so are some humans
  • there are alternatives to self harm
  • books are good if you need an escape
  • this sadness isn't going to last forever
  • you are loved
  • there are so many beautiful things in the world
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