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  • ▸ Free ranging my feather babies on a daily basis. They get locked up at night, but the rest of the time they're allowed to walk & dance all over the farm.
  • ▸ Brunhilde has been broody and as of today, June 17th, 2017 she's officially a mommy and we're all very excited.
  • ▸ I just love how the hatchling is peeking out from under Brunhilde's wing. He/she is so nosy!
  • ▸ The hatchling is only 3 days old as of today (June 20, 2017) & it looks so different already. The white spot above the eyes is a little darker now.
  • ▸ Something that really touched me today was that I was sitting on the bench by Bailey's grave as Fridolin jumped up on the bench and sat/layed down right next to me and stayed with me for a while. He's the best.
  • ▸ The chickens are so spoilt, they have 2 coops now to themselves. Ever night they get to choose in which one they want to sleep in.
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