• January 1st (people too drunk/tired from the night before)
  • January 20th (Inauguration day every 4 years)
  • February 14th (SO CHEESY)
  • February 29th (1 anniversary every 4 years)
  • March 13th (my birthday)
  • April 20th (Hitler's birthday, "the day to get stoned")
  • April 1st (I would feel like the marriage was a "prank")
  • May 1st (day I started a serious relationship with a boy in 8th grade - I still remember it, it was a long one, and I wouldn't wanna think of it every anniversary)
  • July 1st (mom's birthday)
  • July 4th (people would be gone)
  • July 9th (cousins' anniversary)
  • August 6th (grandma's birthday...well maybe, it probably would have made her happy)
  • September 11th (day of mourning)
  • October 5th (aunt's birthday)
  • October 31st (anniversary would be spent with kids every year)
  • November 1st (sugar lows)
  • November 10th (Kayla's birthday)
  • December 2nd (Britney Spears', Kerri's, Sydney's birthday)
  • December 24th/25th (people busy for the holidays)

on the other hand, I might want to get married on one of those days just to be rebellious

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user picture politefight: lol this is cute. feb 11 2009
user picture Amsyy: Thanks! ^^ It's a list I'd been making up in my head for a few years now. feb 12 2009