I figure I'd better start listing good things about my life...so I don't lose it. Or lose interest.

  • Meeting Frank from PostSecret earlier this month
  • Turning 17 a week ago
    • Getting money for a Wii from my aunt
    • And money for shoes
    • And other presents
    • And family&friends
  • Meeting MC Lars the day before that
    • Seeing him in concert
    • Him and his band are SO AWESOME
    • He even emailed me, and gave me a DVD, and a;sldkfjasdf
  • Getting a call from an agent! I have an audition on Sunday!
  • Vinni helped me clean my room...or, more so, cleaned my room for me - he also set up my futon, so I have something to sleep on :D
mar 20 2009 ∞
mar 23 2009 +
user picture kerriannmccollum@comcast.net: auditon for what?!?! and when are you getting your wii?! i love you! <3 mar 20 2009