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things that make me smile

  • walking with a line of friends, feet moving in unison (left, right, left, right)
  • flowers behind my ear
  • painting my nails
  • getting hand-me-downs
  • babies smiling then falling asleep in my arms
  • making pointless lists
  • dyeing my hair
  • すどく sudoku
    • finishing newspaper ones (they're really hard!)
  • coloring books
  • "church camp" (viva la Woodleaf!)
    • snowball fights
    • swimming with live fish in the pool (no joke)
  • singing in unison with the whole crowd at a concert
  • having intelligent conversations with open-minded people
  • paper stars
  • dancing in the rain
  • running in the hail, with an umbrella
  • reading inside in the quiet, with thunder and the turning of pages as the only sounds
  • running around to music so I don't realize my asthma's acting up and that high you get afterward
  • not going to school and just staying home watching TV and on the computer
    • knowing that, though I don't learn anything anymore, I might have a chance when I'm homeschooled next year
  • reading
  • LONGLONGLONG hugs / cuddlinggg
    • falling asleep in someone's arms, or on them/next to them (mostly Rowan - he's SO COMFY)
  • that feeling you get when you've stayed up all night the night before, and you know that you'd fall asleep RIGHT away if you lied down, but you don't actually feel tired
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mar 5 2009 +
user picture May: OMG, i agree on pretty much everything, but i fell for the flower behind your ear one, because whenever i have a flower behind my ear i feel like a lil girl on a sunny day. may 28 2009