• chickpea stew or white bean stew
  • frittata with onions and/or potatoes
  • caramelized tofu
  • cooked down in garlic with poached egg, fried bread
    • spicy, with vinegar
  • mixed into panisse or falafel, with a side dish
  • pureed into pesto for pasta or grain salad
  • stirred into a risotto
    • poached or scrambled egg
    • hard or soft cheese
    • walnuts or other nut
  • root vegetable hash in the morning
  • mixed into a peanut sauce with tofu or meat
  • salad topping for socca
  • salad with flavorful croutons and wine/lillet vinaigrette (e.g. arugula)
  • fritters served on top of lentil puree or toast
  • tossed with ravioli
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