• find out about bear canisters
  • concoct a first-aid kit
  • check weather
    • obsessively
  • get a couchsurfing host!!
    • ohhhh yeah matt in portland
  • how is the snowpack?
    • crampons rentals??
    • call rental company -- 406-888-5454
      • are crampons step-in?
      • are you renting a lot right now? how many do you have?
    • mostly play it by ear, consult with park rangers regarding what hikes are snowy, be honest about your limited snow navigation abilities
  • how do we pick up our backpacking permit?
  • food !!
    • lots of lentils and couscous, dried fruit, nuts, a bag or two of stuff from the portland farmers' market
  • try out water filter

okay maybe I should make a buy list

  • to buy
    • bear spray
    • bug spray
    • headlamp
    • water bottles
    • sleeping bag for jeff?
    • blister kit
    • waterproof hiking boots
    • waterproof supermap?
    • a compass? need to see where the boss of the dungeon is lurking...
jul 5 2011 ∞
jul 12 2011 +