• walt whitman
  • gogo yubari
    • the bride
  • mothra + two girls that summon mothra
  • flo and kay, world's only living autistic savant twins


  • group costume: all the robots from mega man 2
  • julia child
  • werewolf bar mitzvah
  • octopus michael jackson
  • beavis and butthead (and cher)
  • lucy and ethel
  • the grinch, stealing christmas
  • benjamin franklin
  • wile e coyote and roadrunner
  • little mac (punch out!)
  • judge judy
  • darkwing duck
  • hester prynne
    • sexy hester prynne
  • ursula
  • alejandro
  • iPhone app
    • like, ironically, because you'd look like an asshole
    • did I really write this?
  • freddie mercury
  • shaggy and scooby
  • john cusack from say anything
  • qwop
  • ellen james
  • le petit prince
  • anna wintour
  • "somebody that I used to know" group costumes
    • gotye and kimbra from the original video, covered in triangular body paint (caveat: expensive)
    • walk off the earth cover -- four guys and a girl wearing black holding one guitar. (caveat: have to stay with same five people all night, can't hold a drink)
jul 22 2009 ∞
mar 17 2012 +
user picture Shana: Oh, Julia Child is a good one. Can I contract you to come up with a good costume idea for me? oct 13 2009