life and art... it's possible, in theory, for them to be reversed

  • babies switched at birth because the security cameras in the hospital were papered over to placate beyonce
  • plane crash in the desert and the only doctor who survives is a naturopath who believes that nothing can hydrate you better than pure clean water, who goes crazy trying to find pure clean water to drink in the middle of the desert
    • inspired by alexa fleckenstein, md
    • pure clean water comes to symbolize divinity or innocence
    • religion / science
  • radical calendar overhaul such that there are 364 days in a year but there's a crazy party week called xtr every 5-6 years to right the progression of the seasons. the novel explores how people grow and change throughout these xtrs
  • dystopian future where satellites fall out of the sky and destroy people randomly
  • la rinconada, the skyslum in peru that you cannot escape from, you just mine gold from the icy cliffs for months at a time
  • protagonist has to go to facebook's database in the arctic circle to look up some information about some click that another character made right before they died (in real life, people store data above the arctic circle because it cuts down on cooling costs)
    • metaphors about being frozen in time
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