• staples in jeff's scalp
  • full windsor knot in reverse on mr. johnson
  • walking around before the ceremony to decompress and looking at the menu for nick's crispy tacos and remembering how we used to go for tacos every tuesday and nick's crispy tacos wasn't good at all
  • "be careful."
    • "you too."
  • "meet you at the statue in an hour."
  • "sam, old friend, oh man"
  • eating gross food in front of 100 friends--what a good idea.
  • everybody, everybody getting down to "move your feet" and knowing all the words, and doing all the call-and-response
    • and feel united, whoa-oh-oh
  • mom getting seconds of mashed potatoes
  • dancing to "try a little tenderness" with like three other people on the dance floor, just stomping and moving and feeling unable to express with my physical body all of the joy I was feeling
  • scarfing down pie to stand up in time for "brickbreaker"
  • dolores and muzzy and "down to the river"
  • everything about "ironic"--especially bringing everyone back to the dance floor
    • kamber: "oh my god, how did you know?"
  • tag-team sing-along to "bad romance," reenacting halloween 2010
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