• Greeting him at the Herakleion airport, all sweaty and gross because there is no air conditioning, but hugging a lot
  • First night in Herakleion, exhausted but happy
  • Wandering around Gournia, with him walking down uneven Minoan roads while I waited for him, perched on an ancient foundation
  • Walking to the pier in Pacheia Ammos, staring at the mountains and the sea, seeing the village through his new, fresh eyes
  • Entering the tiny church in Pacheia Ammos, hearing its silence, feeling its local village spirit
  • Drinking lemon Fanta with D on Kamares beach in the shade of our grass-thatched umbrellas, watching the tiny waves lap the shore, and the small boat coming and going hour after hour
  • Exploring Akrotiri together, with him just as interested as me
  • Laying on Red Beach, listening to some annoying Canadian guy talk to a girl for a VERY long time about the small towel he received at a resort, and a couple from NJ
  • Sitting on the edge of a canal in Amsterdam, our feet dangling, eating merengues


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