Fall 2012

  • Intro to Sociology w Dr. Paul "DJ Paul" Lipold

Spring 2013

  • Intro to Psychology w Mr. Mike Aguilar
  • Intro to Public Speaking w Mrs. Angela Brodie

Fall 2013

  • Intermediate French II w Dr. Carine Graff
  • Freshman Honors Colloquium I: All Ancient Greek All the Time w Dr. Elizabeth Howard
  • Elementary American Sign Language I w Steve "Vic" Vickery
  • Trigonometry w Mr. Paul Havens
  • Freshman Year Experience: College of Arts & Sciences: The CVNP w Dr. Kenneth Bindas

Spring 2014

  • Honors Art History II: Renaissance to Modern Art w Albert Reischuck
  • Freshman Honors Colloquium II: Coming of Age w Dr. Elizabeth Howard
  • French Conversation w Dr. Richard Berrong
  • Elementary American Sign Language II w Steve "Vic" Vickery
  • Physics in Entertainment and the Arts w Mr. Jonathan Secaur
  • Physics in Entertainment and the Arts Laboratory w Gregory Putman

Summer 2014 1st Intersession

  • Intro to Exceptionalities w Lyle Barton

Fall 2014

  • French Composition w Dr. Carine Graff
  • French Composition Extended w Dr. Carine Graff
  • School Setting Interpreting w Elisabeth Rathburn
  • Honors Education in a Democratic Society w Dr. Quentin Wheeler-Bell
  • Intermediate American Sign Language I w Farah Kish-Leland
  • Survey of the Interpreting Profession w Dr. Jamie McCartney

Spring 2015

  • Honors Child Psychology w Dr. Josefina Grau
  • ASL to English Interpreting Processes w Dr. Jamie McCartney
  • Intermediate American Sign Language II w Steve "Vic" Vickery
  • Community Setting Interpreting w Dr. Jamie McCartney
  • Introduction to Deaf Studies w Dr. Karen Kritzer
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