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jun 20 2012 ∞
jun 20 2012 +


  • Kitchen

-Laminate flooring -Light passage to dining room -Breakfast Nook banquet seating & Chandelier -Replace Windows

  • Bedrooms

-Crown Molding -Laminate Flooring -Shelving -Paint

  • Bathrooms

-Checkered Tiles -New Vanities -Shelving -New Shower & Tub

  • Dining

-Wainscotting -Laminate Flooring -Mantel & Shelving Paint -Chandelier

  • Living Room

-Laminate Flooring & Area Rugs -Fireplace Mantel & Shelving -Wainscotting -Window ...

nov 5 2011 ∞
nov 5 2011 +
  • Create New Company Name
  • Create new Domain Name
  • Update Prices & Packages
  • Create New Logo
  • Create Color-Scheme for this year
  • Update Blog Weekly
  • Update Facebook Weekly
  • Hang Inspiration Board
  • Design New Business Cards
  • Design Letterhead
  • Purchase MiniCards for Upcoming Weddings
  • Take a photograph every day
  • Register Trademark & Tax License
may 9 2011 ∞
may 9 2011 +

At the present, my photography business is just my first name and then "photography." That wouldn't be a problem except that my last name is very long and hard to pronounce, and adding my first name to that plus the word photography really makes it lengthy and exhausting.

I feel that I need a one-word name, two syllables for this company, that way it will be easier to come up with a logo design that is simple and chic. I want my business name to be easy to remember, and the logo to be readily identifiable, like the golden arches of dreadful McDonald's, but obviously with more depth than a franchise.

Some of my favorite words, both for aesthetics and meaning, are:

  • Vixen: female fox
  • Apothecary: vintage pharmacy
  • Bijoux: Jeweled
  • Eve: from man
apr 12 2011 ∞
apr 12 2011 +

The Fashionista About You:

  • You're super stylish and love putting together cool new outfits. It's al about staying ahead of the crowd so it's no wonder that flexing the plastic is what you do best. You love checking out the latest music and films and hanging out with your friends is definitely high on the agenda.
  • Nothing gets you excited like planning a fun night out. And you know how to look the part too! You're a real head-turner! Fashion, beauty and celebs...you love it all. There's something so glamourous about their lives that keeps you hooked.
  • You love a bit of sneaky gossip. You're creative and intuitive too with a bit of flair for making your own statement with the latest fashion trends.

Your Inspiration

mar 29 2011 ∞
mar 29 2011 +

I fell right back into that quicksand I was stuck in with you;

Eyes wide realizing that I had denied it was coming.

Sometimes it shows me just how naive I allow myself to be.

Stupid. stupid. stupid. I can't believe I came that close to the line I drew back then, again.

Thankfully I saw another way out, and I took it in the jaw.

No turning back this time, No; I'm done with you forever, starting here on out.

apr 15 2011 ∞
apr 15 2011 +
feb 18 2011 ∞
feb 18 2011 +

Dear God:

Thanks so much for revealing the answer to my prayers today. I really needed to hear it, and thank you also for the confirmations as well!

Love, Caryn

mar 18 2011 ∞
mar 18 2011 +

Dear God; thank you for the boost i needed today. I have gotten a lot of revelation from being forced to recover from surgery. I really noticed I had become lazy about running the house, that i fell off the wagon of organization and let it get away from me. I also realized that i eat too much, in the sense that I try to fit in more than my daily bread... i wasn't satisfied with not being hungry...i wanted to eat until i felt full...and today is a prime example of that seeing as I did gorge myself even though i had to eat slowly. Stupid. I need to chew my food more, and take my time and enjoy food for its sustenance, not its ability to help me be a glutton. Thank you for the revelation and spiritual insights from this weekend...thank you for the wonderful care my husband gave me... i think we really bonded this weekend...friends again.

So I have decided to go ahead with the Ho...

feb 7 2011 ∞
feb 8 2011 +

Good news! I think I've discovered my style in blog-posting, and that is fashion journalism. I'm no legit fashion journalist, but I feel the need to write posts almost as if they were articles that could be found in a fashion magazine (probably because I want to wind up with a fashion magazine). I like writing about lifestyle, makeup and fashion, runway shows and art, food and health, organization and product reviews, books and movies and the like.

jan 6 2011 ∞
jan 6 2011 +
list icon
  • Read Profit Blueprint
  • Read Killer Flagship Content ebook
  • Fix Amazon ads
  • Make New Post

ALSO -Am reconsidering title of blog, the fashion project to be aimed more at a New Mexico audience... need a chic title though...but i'd like it to include a word that is unique to the culture. Ideas include:

  • Style Bones --like this one!
  • Q Pulse
  • NavajoChic
  • Desert Fashionista
  • MestizoChic
  • Mestizo Fashionista
  • The Organized Beauty
  • Sensibly Chic
  • Mestizo Brownie
  • Chic Brunette
jan 4 2011 ∞
jan 5 2011 +

En lieu of seeking change for my 25th year of living, I have decided to finally attack my beauty goal list. I want to be healthy, fit, lean, fashionable, and self-disciplined. I have figured out where my weaknesses were in the past attempts, and have comprised a list of short-term goals and behaviors that will ultimately lead to my long-term ones. I have titled this new strategy Beautify Me and I'm proud to say it is a very organized system. The only one who will keep me from these dreams is me, and I want to develop these habits to ultimately become a better person.

Here is the list!

  • Drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water daily.
  • Work out 5 days a week (cardio and toning).
  • Swear off gluten completely.
  • Eat no more than 1500 calories a day:
dec 14 2010 ∞
jan 12 2011 +

Dear God;

I lied. I am not as impartial as I thought I was. I'm so sad I didn't get to shoot their wedding pictures. I'm really taking it more personal than I thought... I'm so jealous of whomever is going to be hired on.

I'm mad at myself for feeling this way...but I feel squeezed out...I've wanted to be a part of that circle for along time now, and I have never really felt as though I was in. It bothers me when I feel like people don't want to be around me.

This sounds silly, but I really want an attitude like Jeannie from How Do I Look? No matter how rude or standoffish people are with her, she is quick-witted and positive. I wish that was me... I can't believe how weak i am about this... I'm worrying about who hires me and who doesn't...I'm worried about being cool...it's stressing me out so much that I can't eat o...

dec 3 2010 ∞
dec 3 2010 +

These are the names that I feel go very well with Winclechter. Also, I love the definitions. A name should mean something, and I feel that what's in a name shapes a person into who they are going to be. It is therefore crucial in my mind to pick a name that symbolizes importance, activism, promise, and positivity.

First names for Boys.

  • Atticus - based on Atticus Finch character analysis: intellect and learning; steadfastly honest and moral; upstanding and admired; understanding of equality; integrity.
  • Mycroft -'pastures by the water'
  • Grant/Grantham -'tall, great'
  • Graye -'gray-haired'

Middle names for Boys.

  • Andrew -'warrior'
  • Errol -'nobleman, warrior, prince'
jun 11 2010 ∞
sep 14 2010 +

It always seems to happen when life is wonderful! When she thought she'd finally let him go. Finally, she has become someone she is proud of on her own. She no longer depends on the charity of others; she has made something of herself. But no matter how hard she tries, every now and then a sign comes on the wings of a gentle breeze. It presents itself in the mellow conversation of friends talking. The whispers scream out his name to her. And once again, he has taken over her thought life.

Why does the idea of his world come creeping back into her mind? And when she thinks of it, his world still seems so real. Instead of feeling like a fantasy she held on to, loving him is still buried deep inside her heart. Everything happens for a reason, and she prefers it that way. Logically, she knows that they were not meant to be. But somehow (she doesn't kno...

mar 25 2010 ∞
mar 25 2010 +
list icon
  • Lost
  • Monk
  • The Colony
  • What Not To Wear
  • Everything on the History Channel
sep 11 2009 ∞
sep 11 2009 +
  • piano keys
  • elevator buttons
  • paper clips
  • clicking pens
  • computer keys
  • speak n' spell
  • drinking straws
  • stairs
  • old envelopes
  • soft pastels
  • skeleton keys
  • portraits of strangers
  • buttons
  • earrings
  • old doorknobs
  • windows
  • crunching leaves
  • the click of a camera lense
  • quotes on a starbucks cup
  • the light in an old glass bottle
  • smooth seashells
sep 11 2008 ∞
nov 29 2008 +
  • Drink 72 oz of water daily (2 Sodastream bottles)
  • Take Vitamins every day: B12, Calcium, and Kelp
  • Eat sweets only once a week
  • Exercise: Zumba 4/week, Molly Sims 5/week
  • Eat 4-5 small meals per day
jan 7 2012 ∞
jan 7 2012 +

3 Questions in my survey:

  • How would you describe the services of Caryn Winclechter Photography at your event?
  • How would you describe the artistic quality of images and I presented you with?
  • Would you confidently recommend my services to your friends and family?
jun 1 2011 ∞
jun 1 2011 +

Ideas for her boudoir shoot:

  • 1940's
  • one of his shirts
  • Fishnets
  • Old house
  • Smokey eyes
  • Red lips
  • Tea?
apr 12 2011 ∞
apr 12 2011 +
list icon

Every now and then I think about her...that girl with the platinum blonde hair and high-fashion eating habits (cigarettes and juice for breakfast). She replaces eating time with work.

She is a perfect blend of Shalom Harlow and Amber Valletta. She lives in New York and Paris with the occasional trip to Australia. she's engaged with her pressing social engagements in the world of couture... her personal life is one of mystery and subtlety.

Because she is unattached she often travels around the world at a moment's notice...she speaks 5 languages and loves spending time in cultural shopping districts...She's on the A list and has VIP status to anywhere she wants...she loves her place in the world, her independence, and her singular lifestyle...she's not interested in marriage or children, although she dates on-and-off to cure her boredom.

nov 26 2010 ∞
nov 26 2010 +

Note: I think the best idea will be to drive up to Northern Cali and then work our way down. Also, see Costco.com for Info on BedandBreakfast gift card deal. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.asp...

  • Shop at Gypsy Honeymoon store in SF.
  • Surf
  • Watching Bully Beatdown
  • Shopping in Union Square, San Francisco
  • Shopping in China Town (hopefully for some Louis Vuitton!)

(located on Canal St. & 28 between 5th & 6th).

  • Winchester Mansion in San Jose.
  • Studio Diner in San Diego (seen on food network).
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Antique Shopping
  • Universal Studios
  • Freecycling (aka dumpster diving!)
  • Six Flags
dec 27 2010 ∞
mar 20 2011 +
list icon

Have been thinking much about all the projects I want to work on, especially my garden. I really want our landscaping to provide an oasis. Am very interested in research regarding the Golden Ratio and the Garden of Eden. The more I learn, the more I realize that nothing is an accident, and that God's perfection resides in His creation.

I do not yet know what this will lead to, but I feel it weighing on me, calling out to me and leaving me breathless as I chase after it.

I was thinking that I also want to work on my book, Losing Touch . I really want this girl to, instead of being a barista, a mysterious green-thumb, a lady of the garden who heals people and situations around her. Kind of like the Bollywood movie, Mistress of Spices. Except that was kind of corny. I want it to be a miraculous story, not one that is simply left up to fate. Sigh. So many ...

apr 7 2011 ∞
apr 7 2011 +

March 2-March 5

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow : devoted to me changing hair colors, hair-care 101, Spring & Summer hair styles

March 6-March 12

  • Little Black Dress : incorporate Bachelorette party, chic on the cheap little black dresses, fashion icons

March 13-18

  • Kiss Me I'm Irish! : St. Patty's Day traditions & recipes, green shades for Spring & Summer (etsy), Going Green

March 20-25

  • Turn a Spring Leaf : Organizing tips, spring cleaning help, bright makeup for Spring & Summer.

March 28-31

  • April Showers bring Chic Outerwear : Chic rain gear, photography of spring rain, etc.
feb 22 2011 ∞
feb 22 2011 +
  • Monday: DIY/Freebie article
  • Tuesday: Health/Lifestyle Article
  • Wednesday: Fashion/Beauty/Trends
  • Thursday: Organization/Budget
  • Friday: Frugal Finds

"Let the beauty we love become the good we do." -Rumi

jan 17 2011 ∞
jan 21 2011 +

So, I am thinking about changing the name again of my blog. I feel like the look and feel of it are not matching up to my personality. I think it comes across as generic, and kind of faux-punk, when really i want it to be modern, mysterious, romantic, whimsical, and practical.

  • Just came up with a name I really like: Her Fashion Anthology

My fashion muses:

  • Anthropologie
  • Jane Austen
  • The Renaissance
  • The Victorian Era
  • Tea & Scones
  • Amber Valletta
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Old Warehouses
  • Paris, France
  • The 1940's
jan 27 2011 ∞
jan 31 2011 +

Dear God;

I can't help it... No matter how much fashion doesnt help people, I really wish I could be involved in fashion photography somehow. No matter how much I try not to like it, I love it. I would do fashion photography if I could...If I had the equipment, and the experience. I don't know how not to think about it! I don't know how not to wish for it.

I wish I didn't like it so much...


Love you Lord...


~update: December 30, 2010 10:56 pm. -I did it! I started a fashion blog. Dear Lord, I have to say I feel good about it. I was doubting myself and what I'm capable of, and I am sorry. But now I see I was just being a coward instead of putting myself out there. It feels great to take a leap :) So thanks for the courage.

dec 22 2010 ∞
dec 31 2010 +

I made this recipe up today for myself... I'm home sick with a mild head cold or something. It turned out delicious! I thought I should write it down while its fresh on my mind. This was made from scratch with things I had around the house.

Total time: 35 minutes Ingredients:

  • Swanson Chicken Broth (3 Cups)
  • Fresh Ginger Root (2.5" long piece) chopped finely.
  • 1/2 Yellow onion minced
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic, minced
  • 1/2 Lb. Medium, Peeled Raw Shrimp
  • 1 cube each of Tomato Chicken Bullion & Vegetable Bullion
  • 1/2 Package of thin Tai rice noodles (cooked according to packaging)
  • 1 smallish carrot
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • Fresh Cilantro for garnish

First, prepare the noodles (it takes abou...

jan 5 2011 ∞
jan 5 2011 +

Dear God;

I am so nervous right now because of consolidating the loans and then trying to pay bills... What should I do? Lord, i really need to give this up to you... I want you to be Lord of our finances, and I want us to be good stewards of where you have us. I love you so much God, and I thank you that you are Good. We need you so much and I really thank you for all you give us... Lord, please forgive our selfishness, especially mine. Show us the path to take with our finances, and we will take it. Help us to have the forbearance to get out of debt.

Thank you Lord,

I love you,


dec 7 2010 ∞
dec 7 2010 +
  • Dear God:

We are getting closer and closer to closing on our house, and one of the things I'm really looking forward to is finally having a workshop for my crafts. I really feel a great urge to do this. I think that possibly I could help generate some more income, but also have another branch to my photography. I'd really like something that could make an impact on people. I'd love to have something a little more steady that I can do from home. Oh Lord, please help me to forget everything that happened in Socorro, and please help me to wait on you. These are things that I want, but I lift them up to you, for you know best. Thank you for everything you have blessed me with, and thank you for loving me so! Thank you for giving me aspirations and dreams...I cling to them whole-heartedly!

jul 8 2010 ∞
jul 8 2010 +
  • I really feel like my in-laws (sis and mother) treat me like crap sometimes. Every time, I can honestly say it was not deserved. I'm not sure why it happens, nor why I am the target. But it hurts. It hurts me because I am an adult, and I am being belittled by a woman who thinks I am some sort of helpless female, and a girl who is my junior and thinks she can correct me whenever she sees fit. I don't understand why they do it, and I know we all love each other. When it's not like this, we click so well. But they get in these moods where they start tag-teaming me. I hate it so much because I"m then torn as to whether I should let them have it back, or that I should just let it slip by.
  • Honestly, I wish my husband would defend me to them, strait out. If my family did this to him, I would be flipping out. I ...
oct 3 2010 ∞
oct 3 2010 +
  • His wavy red locks
  • Chiseled jaw
  • Perfect smile
  • Big manly hands
  • Abs
  • Sense of humor
  • Odd quirks:
    • staring off into space
    • tickle-ish on his back
    • stroking his beard that isn't there
  • his intelligence
  • his guitar playing
  • his perfect golden tan that he gets when he works outside
  • his fix-it skills
  • his addiction to Cherry Dr. Pepper & sunflower seeds
  • his respectful manner
sep 11 2009 ∞
sep 14 2009 +
  • sleeping beauty
  • amelie
  • its a wonderful life
  • moonstruck
  • the village
  • roman holiday
  • bridget jones' diary
  • some kind of wonderful
  • dead poets society
  • good morning vietnam
  • ferngully
  • the secret garden(1993)
  • the very thought of you
  • what's eating gilbert grape?
  • lars and the real girl
  • fargo
  • no country for old men
  • splash
  • a league of their own
  • remember the titans
  • the sixth sense
sep 15 2008 ∞
nov 14 2008 +

The last few days have been weighing on my mind. I really regret doing this last wedding because I feel that I did not do a good enough job. Mostly because I did not push enough to get the bride and groom to the golf course for the intimate portraits. I really regret that, and I hate to even dwell on a regret, however since this customer was paying me, i did not think that i would not have time. I mean, I gained a lot from this experience, i noticed things i improved on, but that led to me noticing a million other things that still need so much work. Lord, I just pray that they love the pictures i was able to give them.

Show me Lord, how I can most bless my clients and their families. I know that test shooting the locations and planning the shots are musts, but also being more straightforward, communicating with the bride on colors, and getting a better idea of ...

mar 16 2012 ∞
mar 16 2012 +

Dear God;

I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you gave me for my name!

I really think this is the one Lord, and I'm so grateful. Cody is right; it's mysterious but describes my work. It's juxtaposition at it's best. I play a blessing and anointing over this endeavor. I pray for your guidance and your prosperity. Oh Lord, enlarge my professional territory! May this name carry much impact and reputation. May I bless those around me with the talents you have given me. Do with it what you will, Lord. It is yours.

Thank you over and over again!


may 2 2011 ∞
may 2 2011 +

This is a list I am compiling...I want it to be 25 things that I will do during my 25th year (and a couple by my 25th birthday).

  • Skydiving
  • Improve Penmanship & Letter-writing Habits
  • Go Surfing
  • Be Platinum Blonde for a year
  • Play "Flight of the Bumblebee" on the piano
  • Eat fried green tomatoes at Bess
  • Update my wardrobe & style
  • Take a photography/antiquing road trip
  • See a ghost
  • Bury a time capsule
  • Go to a Steampunk convention
  • Throw a swing-dance party
  • Learn sign language
  • Learn conversational Spanish
  • Sew a dress
nov 29 2010 ∞
mar 20 2011 +

Dear God;

Yesterday I felt this strong conviction to pray for a community garden for Grants. I also felt an even stronger conviction to start learning about the Garden of Eden, and the story of Creation. I'm not sure why, since I am not a scholar, but I do feel that it is important as I am starting a garden of my own.

Already, Lord, I feel such a connection with You. I feel myself having patience, and self-regulation, something that I have prayed for over the last few years. May it be so forever! I am so excited to learn something new from you :)

I love you!


mar 28 2011 ∞
mar 28 2011 +
  • Classy by Derek Slasberg
  • The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Carbo
  • French Women for All Seasons by Mireille Guiliano
  • I Heart Your Style by Amanda Brooks
  • How To Be a Budget Fashionista by Kathryn Finney
  • Living With What You Love by Monica Rich Kosann
  • How To Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life by Melissa Helstern
jan 25 2011 ∞
feb 8 2011 +

Tea: 4:00 pm

  • C: Mini Quiches & M: Chicken Salad Sandwiches & Tea Sandwiches
  • C: Scones w/ Lemon Curd & M: Clotted Cream & M: Banana Bread
  • C: Chocolate Chip Cookie Fruit Tarts & M: Chocolate Cookies
  • Chamomile & English Breakfast & C: Lady Day & Buckingham Palace

Fresh Flowers!!!

  • Photo Booth: 6:30pm


  • TTBD

Lingerie Shower: 7:30-8:00pm

  • Pretzels
  • Green Chile Tortilla Rolls
  • Cheese cubes & Little Smokies


feb 5 2011 ∞
feb 5 2011 +

Am in need of some new food-consumption rules to go by. 1500 calories a day is too vague a rule. Will put a stop to endless snacking and compulsive eating first thing tomorrow. Good plan! Will adhere to new rules and prevail over small bulge of belly fat &love handles.

  • 1500 Calories a day
  • no more than two 150 kcal snacks per day
  • Big, high-protein breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner.
  • Daily supplements
  • 8 Glasses H20, daily
  • Small portions please
  • No beverages while eating
  • Stop eating once not hungry
feb 2 2011 ∞
feb 3 2011 +
list icon

Dear God;

Sometimes I think I'd like to have a fashion blog/fashion magazine. Not even a magazine really, just a look book. I feel a passion for fashion (haha) and I don't know what to do with it. I think about it a lot though!

I'd love to incorporate my photography...yes, I'd love to make a look-book full of my photographs and my take on fashion. It would be so beautiful, and I would love if it was an underground thing that gets discovered and becomes popular. I would just love it.

What do you think?

Love, Caryn

dec 28 2010 ∞
jan 5 2011 +
  • I once considered taking up smoking just so I could take smoking breaks at work.
  • Had my first kiss at 21.
  • My husband is the first person I ever dated.
dec 29 2010 ∞
dec 29 2010 +

Just read an article in the latest issue of GQ. I had no idea he was such an introverted guy. He really seems to himself, like he doesn't have many people he hangs out with. Actually, the article made me kind of sad because it seems like he doesn't really know who he is. His identity is something he is still seeking out. He has had to rely on himself to get through some hard times.

The most interesting and unusual detail in the article (for me anyways) is that he goes to Disneyland by himself, a lot. I'm definitely a fan of having alone time, but I can't help but feel for him. In a way he seems very lonely...and I can definitely relate on a certain level because lonely sums up most of my adolescence.

Anyway, Ryan my heart goes out to you. You're in my prayers, and I hope you someday find the answers you are looking for.

dec 17 2010 ∞
dec 17 2010 +

my Personal goals to accomplish by my 25th Birthday. 95 Days and Counting!

  • Update personal style
  • Learn to use my flash
  • Take a train ride
  • Improve personal fitness
  • Take picture of the old church ruins
  • Have a conversation in Spanish
  • Skydive
  • Play roller-derby
  • Go to a Steampunk convention
  • Take an antiquing road trip
  • Be platinum Blonde
nov 26 2010 ∞
nov 26 2010 +
  • slow drivers
  • licorice
  • cocky people
  • crude humor
  • shallow remarks
  • slavery
  • prostitution
  • child trafficking
  • long nails
  • racism
  • parachute pants
  • carl's jr.
  • abortion
  • harsh words
  • pornography/any nudity/sex in movies
  • animal cruelty
  • aids
  • anti-military views
  • sexism
  • chickens
  • feet
sep 14 2009 ∞
dec 27 2009 +
  • Don't Stop Believin' --Journey
  • Sparks --Coldplay
  • Drops of Jupiter --Train
  • Blue Ridge Mountains --Fleet Foxes
  • You Were Meant for Me --Gene Kelly
  • I've Got You Under My Skin --Frank Sinatra
  • If I Ever Leave this World Alive --Flogging Molly
  • Mickey --Toni Basil
  • Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds --The Beatles
  • Fire Burnin' --Sean Kingston
  • Last Train to London --ELO
  • One of These Nights --The Eagles
  • When the Man Comes Around --Johnny Cash
  • Bennie & The Jets --Elton John
  • Just What I needed --The Cars
  • California --Phantom Planet
  • If --House of Heroes
sep 11 2009 ∞
sep 14 2009 +
  • i sigh at romantic movie moments
  • love wearing pearls
  • i prefer to drink my tea in lovely china
  • i take my tea with cream
  • i love any excuse to dress up
  • i love scarves
  • i secretly like lipstick
  • when i am sad, i listen to jazz music
  • my philosphy for good therapy is a good hour of shopping
  • i paint my nails
  • i change my clothes to match my mood
nov 14 2008 ∞
nov 14 2008 +