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    • 01. i find ike barinholtz sooo attractive ><

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    • 02. i went out for pasta with josh, doc, jackson, and (finally) garrett! we also went to doc's apartment and played card games and jackbox. :3 ┊ 06. i was talking about improv comedy in class today, and this girl said, "at least matt rife is keeping it alive!" i deadass said, "oh god, let's not go that far." i hope she wasn't a fan of his and i hurt her feelings. ;-; — HE'S GROSS, I'M SORRY!!! ┊ 09. i saw a showing of turning red in theaters with josh, doc, jackson, and garrett + we went and got dinner + we went back to doc's apartment and played games again! :3 ┊ 14. i got to do the zoom interview with axel today for the immigrant interview in psychology, and he is super, super nice!! i'm so glad he (and jackson!) could help me with this assignment. :') oh, and happy valentine's day!! <3 ┊ 27. i got to talk on a personal level with this cute guy in my class today. he is such a sweetie. ;-;

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    • 07. cleaned my makeup/skincare area and all of my organizers and brushes! ~ ┊ 11. happy birthday, katie!!! <3 ┊ 13. happy birthday, linna! ┊ 15. ahh! it's the first snow day of the season!! :'D there's sooo much outside. oh, and i built a snowgirl! ^-^ ┊ 16. there is sooo much snow!! <3 school was cancelled! ┊ 17. the snow hasn't budged, and i'm sure there are ~9 inches out there! i love how pretty it is, but everyone is essentially trapped at their house and everything is closed. we usually don't get this much here (nor does it last this long), so the city doesn't really know how to take proper precautions, lol. ┊ 24. my birthday was great!! :D josh surprised me with a my melody build-a-bear!! <33 + josh, doc, jackson, and i went out to eat, then josh bought me ice cream, and we went back to doc’s apartment and played games all night!! ;w; i’m so thankful for the people in my life. ♡ ┊ 25. i had to give my first speech of the semester in my public speaking class today! it went very well, and everyone was very kind. :3
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